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Chess, but you replace your entire army with a royal shotgun.

The Black King has been dispossessed of everything...
Everything except their royal shotgun.
His wrath shall be his undoing, yet he cares not.
In his dark folly, bits of white pieces will fly.

A unique turn-based strategy roguelite based on the timeless checkboard classic.



Shotgun King now supports French, Spanish, German, Ukrainian, Polish, Russian, simplified Chinese, Korean and Japanese! You can select them from the game's settings.

Other translations are coming. In the meantime, the game supports custom translations: create a new file in the lang folder and use english.txt as a template.


Shotgun King: the Last Checkmate was originally our collective entry to the Ludum Dare #50, the jam version (still available in the demo section in the downloads) was entirely made in under 72 hours for the occasion. (link to the LD submission)

And it won! Out of 1900+ entries in the Jam category, it got 1st place overall, as well as 1st place for Fun and 2nd place for Innovation.

The full post-jam version contains a new story game mode with multiple difficulties, a reworked interface, accessibility settings, some rebalancing, and more unique new cards!


Shotgun King is now available on Steam!

Buying it here on Itch gives you a free Steam key! It's the same game over there, except it has cloud saves and Steam achievements.



If you'd like you can come to our Discord to talk about the game and share strategies!

Of course it's also a very good place to get news of our next projects!


Are you press or a content creator?

If you're a streamer, youtuber, or press and you'd like to cover the game, we've uploaded a few assets you might find useful, including screenshots and thumbnail material! Find them here!


The game doesn't run!

If you're having trouble running the game please try the following things:

  • Extract the game to a different location, like a new folder on your Desktop, and try running it from there.
  • Add the game's executable to your antivirus' whitelist. Try launching the game now.
  • We've had reports of graphical issues with Intel Integrated Graphics, sometimes there are artefacts like green stripes on the screen, or the game refuses to launch at all. If you have a graphics card, try launching the game using that card rather than integrated graphics. Otherwise, please try updating your Intel Graphics driver.
  • If the above fails, try running the game with the "shaderless [...] .bat" file in the game's folder. You won't have the fancy screen effect but the game should have better chances to run correctly.
  • Still no luck? Please come get help on our Discord, or send us an email at trasevol.dog@gmail.com and attach the 'log.txt' file from the game's folder if it exists.



This game was made by PUNKCAKE Délicieux, a small team making and releasing a new game every month through Patreon and itch.io!

Check out our Patreon subscription for advantageous offers and some more options!

PUNKCAKE Délicieux is made up of lovely humans Benjamin Soulé, Rémy Devaux and Pentadrangle!

Find us on these platforms:
:: 👉 Patreon
:: 👉 Twitter
:: 👉 Discord
:: 👉 Itch.io
:: 👉 Steam



v1.41 Patch:
  • [ERGO] You can now read mods' descriptions (or at least the start of it) in the mod menu.
  • [LANG] Fixed a typo in Bloodless Coups' english description.
  • [FIX] Fixed controller rumble not initializing correctly on launch.
  • [FIX] Fixed some controls counting twice or too early for both mouse controls and gamepad.
  • [FIX] The shotgun and rank menu arrows now light up red again.
  • [FIX] Attempting to use blade on iron pieces now triggers a folly shield.
  • [FIX] Restored mouse drag controls for King's Shoulders.
  • [FIX] Analysis Paralysis now properly pauses the timer.
  • [FIX] Mod menu buttons won't get misplaced anymore if you spam-click the arrows.
  • [FIX] Fixed switch back to gamepad controls on game over when using a mouse and a gamepad is plugged in.
  • [FIX] Fixed a bug on the level up screen where a choice's descriptions sometimes wouldn't go away if clicking too fast.
  • [FIX] Cannonballs are no longer affected by Saddle.
  • [FIX] Catalan language was added back.
  • [FIX] In settings the back button will now translate every time the language is changed.
  • [FIX] Mod menu buttons are now always drawn with the pixel font, showing the correct icons.
  • [FIX] Fixed an issue with game mode descriptions when scrolling.
  • [FIX] Title will no longer appear behind the play menu when coming back from the tutorial and mods are present.
  • [FIX] Game will now switch back to the default language if a modded language was previously selected but is no longer available.
  • [MODDING] Mods can now access mouse controls variables
  • [MODDING] Both local and workshop versions of a same mod will now be loaded up.
  • [MODDING] Made the mod menu's upload buttons a little nicer.
  • [MODDING] If an upload fails it will now tell you why and also print the reason in the log.txt.
  • [MODDING] 'run' function now allowed in mods to restart the game.
  • [MODDING] Empty mods (no language, game modes nor script) will no longer be loaded up.
  • [MODDING] Fixed append and prepend so that they wouldn't crash if multiple mods use them. (or any, in the case of prepend)
  • [MODDING] Now properly allowing global variable replacement for a set of variable names. (check 'gimme("replaceable")')
  • [MODDING] Mods can now use newbnk, bset, bget, and savbnk to safely save players' progress to a mod-specific save.
  • [MODDING] Custom pieces can now have custom movement, custom attack, custom draw, and custom debris.
  • [MODDING] Added "cond_only_pieces" in language keys.
  • [MODDING] Replaced deprecated function table_from_file with quarentine_req and quarentine_req_env.
  • [MODDING] Fixed unhelpful "Error in error handling" error message when a mod's code crashes the game.
  • [MODDING] Added support for custom pieces' souls.
  • [MODDING] Shotgun sprites are now mode-specific. (load your spritesheet in initialize())
  • [MODDING] Fixed custom pieces effects not showing in card descriptions.
  • [MODDING] Fixed the Saddle carry effect when applied to non-knight & non-rook pieces.
  • [MODDING] Added piece properties nocarry and freelift, they can be given with custom cards.
  • [MODDING] Added support for custom game mode scores.
v1.4 Update:
  • [NEW] Gamepad support! The game supports Xbox controllers, PS controllers, Switch Pro controllers, and hopefully any other old controller you might throw at it.
  • [NEW] A scripted tutorial to learn how to be a really shitty monarch. (but aren't they all?)
  • [NEW] New art from the folks at Headbang Club who did the console port of the game.
  • [NEW] In-game achievements!
  • [NEW] Improved modding!
v1.39 Patch:
  • [FIX] Fixed a crash that happened when getting pushed back onto a pentagram or an undercover mission tile with Sawed-off Justice.
  • [FIX] It's no longer possible to get back onto the last of three pentagrams before they're done resetting.
  • [FIX] Fixed pawn souls not increasing damage with Cannon Fodder.
  • [FIX] Folly shields will now properly activate in case of an unsafe point-blank kill or blade kill.
  • [FIX] Cannonballs can no longer spawn on the same tile.
v1.38 Patch:
  • [ENGINE] Engine update
  • [FIX] Fixed wrong index for arrow sprites because of engine update
  • [FIX] Fixed softlock with unjust decree + sawed-off justice because of engine update
  • [SAVE] Added backup system for saves, so that the game can recover on its own if your save is corrupt for whatever reason.
v1.37 Patch:
  • [BALANCE] Promoted jesters now pass the hat.
  • [FIX] You can no longer trigger a right click ability and fire your shotgun on the same frame.
  • [FIX] Fixed Iron Maiden description.
  • [LANG] Added Catalan language option! Thank you to Arnau Frago from Projecte Ce Trencada!
  • [LANG] Fixed a few issues in the Ukrainian, Korean, Chinese and Spanish translations. Thank you very much to players who submitted corrections!
  • [LANG] Added translator names on the credits screen.
v1.36 Patch:
  • [BALANCE] Heir status is now preserved after promotion.
  • [BALANCE] Iron Maiden now deactivate if there's only queens on the board.
  • [BALANCE] Guillotine and Iron Maiden are not excluding each others anymore.
  • [FIX] Fixed a crash bug involving Kingly Alms and Black mist
  • [FIX] Healer won't heal cannonball anymore
  • [FIX] It's no longer possible to jump over knighmares with taunting hop.
  • [FIX] Fixed a bug where you can over-reload your gun if moving too fast after reload
  • [FIX] Fixed a bug preventing the use of unjust decree if moving too fast after reload
  • [FIX] Healers can no longer heal boss over max hp
  • [FIX] Game won't freeze when secret heir, last guardian and king are killed with the same shot.
  • [FIX] Philanthropy extra turn now work even if grenade fall off the board or in the moat.
  • [LANG] Wording for iron effect : can't die -> can't take damage
  • [LANG] Fixed Ukrainian plurals in descriptions
  • [LANG] Now correctly replacing the $leader tag in disruption descriptions
v1.35 Patch:
  • [LANG] Piece's names are now correctly displayed on undead armies description
  • [BALANCE] Undead Armies now reduces pawn hp by one
  • [BALANCE] Golden Aging now reduces king and queen hp by one
  • [BALANCE] one by one reloading removed from Church Organ
  • [BALANCE] Richard III reworked: -1 ammo_max, +1 firerange, +25% pierce
  • [ERGO] Title Intro now plays only once when you launch game
  • [ERGO] Retry sequence is now active after resign
  • [FIX] Wizard achievement was fixed
  • [FIX] Imperial Shot Put added to the chase mode banned cards
  • [FIX] Stray pixels have been hunted down and decimated
  • [FIX] Philantropy now works even if Kingly Alms is removed
  • [FIX] Philantropy extra turns now bypass folly shield
  • [FIX] Chase mode unlocked too early
  • [FIX] bishop move-grid now takes account of the red book
  • [FIX] stabbing the big king with Undercover Mission was fixed
  • [FIX] It's now possible to throw a piece while moving with Royal Loafers even if you don't have any ammo
  • [FIX] Shields are now totally removed on the same turn you put them to zero in options screen during game.
  • [FIX] Fixed hint display for knockback and pierce
  • [FIX] Kingly Alms is now added to needed card for Bunker & Philantropy
  • [FIX] Big King won't step on zombies anymore
  • [FIX] Undercover Mission now only displays available missions
  • [FIX] Autoflipping white cards like Zealot or Witch's Curse can now be deactivated with Undercover Mission
  • [FIX] Can't lift anything with King's Shoulder if you are already holding a piece or a cannonball
  • [FIX] Fixed some gfx problem with lifted pieces from the moat
v1.344 Quickpatch:
  • [LANG] Updated existing translations
  • [LANG] Added German, Polish and Japanese
  • [FIX] Missing degree symbols in codex
  • [FIX] Fixed an issue that was breaking multi-line texts in Chinese, Korean and Japanese, resulting in wrong and/or missing characters
  • [FIX] Fixed an issue with "Add X pieces" text that occured after switching between certain languages.
v1.343 Quickpatch:
  • [GFX] new shotguns have their own sfx and graphics in interface
  • [ERGO] You can now read unlock conditions for locked shotguns in the shotgun selection screen
  • [FIX] fixed Theocracy + Ravenous Rats + Undead Rats "Happy Hopping Rook" bug
  • [FIX] fixed Sawed-off + Unjust Decree soft lock
  • [FIX] "MMMMH DELICIEUX !" achievement is now fixed
  • [FIX] zombie pawns won't spawn on fresh backup squares or boss anymore
  • [FIX] Bodyguards protect big king as expected
  • [FIX] Cannonball won't affect high focus anymore
  • [FIX] Legacy modes won't crash the client if loaded on a modded game
  • [FIX] spacebar now triggers force-feeding
v1.342 Quickpatch:
  • [BALANCE] Analysis Paralysis is now capped to 6 turn.Free soul effect removed. Now Stackable ( for the nostalgics )
  • [BALANCE] Caltrops now additionally delay backup arrivals by 50%
  • [FIX] Boss music is back
  • [FIX] Flying pieces now ignore moat to choose move/attack target
  • [FIX] Collection achievements can't be unlocked on death anymore
  • [FIX] Fixed a bug where Undercover mission waypoint was sometime missing
  • [FIX] Fixed a bug making knightmares untargetable with blade
  • [FIX] Dark Bishop won't respawn a second time if a bishop is left when he dies
  • [FIX] Rats spawning because of wand effects will now attack targets before your next move
  • [FIX] Rats won't spawn anymore on dark bishop spawn animation
  • [FIX] Recoil from Sawed-off Justice now triggers Unholy Call & Undercover Mission
  • [FIX] Cannonballs don't need to be killed to finish the game when king is guillotined
  • [FIX] Cannonballs won't be destroyed by lightning and can now be used for dark bishop fight
  • [FIX] Shotgun King won't spawn on an unholy pentagram anymore
  • [FIX] Guillotine and Secret Heir won't spawn in the same game
  • [NITPICKING] Unholy Call replaced by Caltrops in the NINJA achievement
  • [NITPICKING] Airy Knights won't affect High Focus
v1.341 Quickpatch:
  • [BALANCE] Force-feeding now limited to 7 shells
  • [BALANCE] Force-feeding extra ammo when level end
v1.34 Patch:
  • [NEW CONTENT] +1 card
  • [FIX] Fixed a bug randomly deactivating follyshield for a specific square ( the may-undercover mission one )
  • [FIX] In throne mode shotgun king won't spawn in the middle of the arena anymore
  • [FIX] fixed AI behaviour within deepwater
  • [FIX] Saddle can't move big king anymore
  • [FIX] Big King can't be targeted by wand of Hypnosis
  • [FIX] Using back on rank/shotgun select screen wont crash chase/endless mode anymore
  • [FIX] Endless Mode now start at floor 1
  • [FIX] Missed knockback won't keep white piece from attacking
  • [FIX] Black Bishop is back and now spawn properly in the right situation
  • [FIX] Shotgun selection panel now display correct shotgun artwork
  • [FIX] Plague, Rats, Wands won't affect Shot Put anymore
  • [FIX] Pikemen attacks are now displayed correctly in UI
v1.33 Patch:
  • [NEW CONTENT] +1 card and +1 shotgun
  • [MUSIC] new BGM for chase and codex
  • [GFX] new design for codex
  • [BALANCE] +1 range and +1 ammo for Richard III
  • [Fix] Iron Maiden and Guillotine now exclude each others
  • [Fix] Jester and Fool Companion can now spawn ingame
v1.32 Patch:
  • [NEW CONTENT] +6 cards
  • [ERGO] You can now read pre-requirements and names of undiscovered cards in codex
  • [BALANCE] Ravenous rats can't be stacked anymore
  • [BALANCE] Rooks can't protect each others anymore with Cathedral
  • [BALANCE] cards with specific card needs now spawn more frequently ( +100% per needed cards )
  • [BALANCE] Richard III can now be unlocked with only 4 canons
  • [FIX] Folly Shields now ignore recoil if the King is lifting a piece
  • [FIX] Rooks don't protect theocracy bishops anymore at the boss floor
  • [ENGINE] Mouse inputs no longer pass through other windows to the game
v1.31 Patch:
  • [NEW CONTENT] +1 card
  • [BALANCE] decreased throne mode difficulty
  • [FIX] Fixed tooltip for zealot
  • [FIX] Last leader killed won't be revived as undead anymore (locking the game)
  • [FIX] Taunting hop won't cause random extra turn message anymore
  • [FIX] Turn counter now resets correctly on endless mode
  • [FIX] Endless Mode, white army upgrades after turn 12 are now working properly
  • [FIX] Chase mode now waits for levelup animation before playing again, so that torn cards are really deactivated on next turns.
  • [FIX] Big King won't lock the game anymore if killed with bushido
  • [FIX] Big King now dies instantly it last hit by rat
  • [FIX] Unlocked gun wrong name fixed
  • [FIX] Castle card can't cause rook dying multiple times in one shoot
  • [ERGO] Added "back" button to mode & gun/rank selection
  • [BETA] All modes are unlocked so you can test them
v1.3 Update:
  • [NEW CONTENT] A codex has been added so you can track your cards statistics and try to catch'em all
  • [NEW CONTENT] +33 new cards
  • [VISUAL] Added a proper animation for soul reaping
  • [VISUAL] Theocracy is now torn up when boss fight begins
  • [VISUAL] Backups countdown is now visible on card
  • [Balance] Knight speed -1 (they will now move every 3 turns like bishops)
  • [Balance] Grenade dmg is now 2 and has its own ammo type
  • [Balance] Grenade big bounce (2 squares away) is removed, but grenades can now fall off board or sink in the moat.
  • [Balance] Bodyguard now give knights +1hp
  • [Balance] Conscription now spawn pawns every 5 turns (was 4)
  • [Balance] Conclave and Cavalry delay decreased from 20 to 15 turns
  • [Balance] Pikemen now removes one pawn from the white army
  • [Balance] Backups now behave like conscription, they spawn on the backline only
  • [Balance] Percing Truth no longer removes 1 firerange
  • [Balance] Black Mist now removes 1 firerange while the card is face up
  • [Balance] Scouting now only add two pawns instead of three
  • [Balance] Pikemen now gives pawn +1 hp but pawns can now longer attack diagonally
  • [Balance] Knockback now prevents pieces from attacking you on the turn they are moved.
  • [Balance] Wands are now limited to 3.
  • [Balance] Zealots is now flipped if there's no bishop.
  • [Balance] Ritual Dagger now has blade +1 but lowers king hp by 2 instead of 3
  • [Balance] Lookout Tower now decreases backup timer each time you kill a piece
  • [Balance] Pierce mechanic now works like knockback with a % chance for each bullet to pierce its target. Piercing Truth doesn't decrease firepower anymore.
  • [Rework] Unfaithfull Steed: +1 move range, flip this card if there's no knight on the board
  • [Rework] Taunting Hop: Once per turn, jump over a nearby piece dealing it $0 dmg without ending the turn. Now also works with soul moves.
  • [Achievements] Wizard achievement now only require 3 wands.
v1.253 Patch:
  • [Lang] Added Korean! Thank you Otiel and Trek!
  • [Lang] Added Russian! Thank you Drugon!
  • [Lang] Added Ukrainian! Thank you NamorSom!
  • [Bugfix] Fixed text beeps playing for longer than the actual text in non-latin languages.
v1.252 Patch:
  • [Engine] Fixed an issue that resulted in a heavily slanted screen.
  • [Engine] Fixed an issue where audio wouldn't properly initialize, leaving the game silent - or crashing.
  • [Ergo] Restored the old card description animation on card choice.
  • [Bugfix] Fixed the little pause at the end of each line of the story texts for languages that use non-latin characters.
v1.251 Patch:
  • [Bugfix] Black mist can't be triggered twice with the same grenade
  • [Bugfix] King's shoulders can't lift two pieces at once anymore
  • [Bugfix] fixed joust extra turn when you kill a knight with a throw
  • [Bugfix] killing heir and king in a single shot won't crash the game
  • [Bugfix] Fixed access to the secret boss
  • [Lang] It's now possible to add any fonts to the font folder
  • [Lang] lang file : added font_size, font_line_height, font_offset_y to adjust font's settings
  • [Lang] removed "depixel" font, replaced with "Terminus" which is smaller and supports more characters
v1.25 Patch:
  • [Controls] <space> shortcut to reload</space>
  • [Controls] King Shoulders now use drag & drop to be activated
  • [Balance] Castle now stuns king and rook so they can't attack you right after swapping
  • [Balance] Castle now offers +1hp to rooks
  • [Balance] Secret Heir is now theocracy compatible
  • [Balance] Theocracy and throne room now exclude each other
  • [Engine] Grenades now explode right after being launched.
  • [Engine] Surrender now happens on last leader death. It won't happen anymore if there's no leader in the level setup.
  • [Engine] Taunting Hop can now override Folly Shields if it kills its target
  • [Engine] Folly Shields now take extra damage from Unjust Decree into account
  • [Engine] Sacred crown now ignores Folly Shields when you use a soul.
  • [Visual] Heir animation is skipped if there's only one pawn.
  • [Visual] Moat floating animation is now compatible with flying bishops and spotted heirs
  • [Bugfix] reloading shotgun now waits for full ammo regeneration
  • [Bugfix] Folly shields now check for 3 dmg ( not your firepower ) if you throw a piece at close range with King's Shoulders
  • [Bugfix] You can now throw pieces with King's Shoulders even if your shotgun is empty
  • [Bugfix] Pause is now activable only during your turn
  • [Bugfix] White Pieces and Black King starting their turn in the moat can now move within the moat without constraint
  • [Bugfix] Thrown pieces can't overlap knocked back pieces anymore
  • [Bugfix] Folly shield now take account of the Royal Loafers target
  • [Bugfix] HP Bar now display correctly when 10hp+ pieces fall below 10hp
  • [Bugfix] Theocracy bishops can now be thrown at each other, without Castle's rooks crashing the game.
  • [Bugfix] Exorcised steam achievement doesn't block the unlocking of Avenged steam achievement anymore.
  • [Bugfix] using black mist to escape a grenade won't make you invicible to other grenadas.
  • [Lang] added Chinese translation!
  • [Lang] "souls" has been added to translation file
  • [Lang] difficulty mode now displays correctly in the game footer
v1.245 Patch:
  • [Ergo] Added a "resign" button
  • [Ergo] Left-click to speed up level complete sequence
  • [Ergo] Triple-click at the start of the intro to skip it
  • [Bugfix] Crash on lifting secret heir
  • [Bugfix] Weird patterns after waking up computer from sleep with the game still running
  • [Bugfix] Fixed some annoying mod folder crashes
  • [Bugfix] Black Mist now saves you from the boss and the Kingly Alms
  • [Bugfix] Free turns give you back your folly shield
  • [Bugfix] Now checking on white king death after using magic wands
  • [Bugfix] Now processing white king death before free turns
  • [Bugfix] Menu back buttons now update when changing language
  • [Bugfix] Fixed crashes and freezes that could happen after the splash-screens
v1.244 Patch:
  • [Bugfix] Unjust decree won't lock aiming anymore on folly shield use
  • [Bugfix] Fixed bullet trajectory (some ~45° bullets had a chance to miss)
  • [Bugfix] Game won't crash anymore after you throw a heir with King's Shoulders
  • [Bugfix] Fixed a random crash on level complete when the game is in French
  • [Lang] Renamed the card "Crossdresser" to the more positive, inclusive and safer term "Genderqueer"
v1.242 Patch [Stable]:
  • [Ergonomy] Now drawing a litteral line of sight when uncovering the secret heir
  • [Trad] Updated French and Spanish translations
  • [Bugfix] No more black screen while the game is paused
  • [Bugfix] Leader bonuses are no longer assigned to rooks instead of bishops in case of theocracy
v1.241 Patch [BETA]:
  • [Balance] Flying bishop can now also attack throught pieces. Also added a cool floating effectas a counterpart
  • [Balance] Lookout Tower 10 turns -> 15 Turns ( Now display turns correctly )
  • [Mod support] you can now add a language.txt in your mod to modify/add some text
  • [Mod support] intro.png added to the modable files
  • [Bugfix] No more softlock if you have no pawn and the secret heir
  • [Bugfix] Boss music resume correctly after black mist
  • [Trad] at_delay now have a $0
  • [Trad] card return id instead of name if the name has no translation
  • [Minor] change hint for exhausted cards
v.1.24 Patch [BETA]:
  • [New] 10 new cards!
  • [New] "mod" option added: customize various gameplay values and graphics
  • [Rework] Engraved Scope: Right click for fire arc -45° and range +1. Resets on each move.
  • [Balance] Blunderbuss: fire arc 24° --> 30°
  • [Balance] Unfaithful Steed: Does not remove knight souls at the start of each floor anymore
  • [Balance] Iron Maiden: queen: -1 speed --> queen: -2 speed
  • [Balance] Court of The King: 2 Knight + 2 Rooks --> 2 Knight + 1 Bishop + 1 Rook
  • [Balance] Holy Gunpowder: 3 cards max --> 2 cards max
  • [Balance] Ermine Belt: 4 cards max --> 3 cards max
  • [Visual] Castle event now pauses the game for a short time
  • [Bugfix] no more vanishing gun on pointing left
  • [Bugfix] no more red flickering bg when "scr.flash" is deactivated
  • [Bugfix] Unjust Decree is not changing king position anymore on multiple fire.
  • [Bugfix] Red Book or Ascension are not applied on soul's moves anymore.
  • [Bugfix] changing aim during unjust decree is now impossible. The decree is unjust enough.
  • [Text] Sabotage card renamed Ruins
v1.23 Patch:
  • [New] New Demo version ( LudumDare Version still available )
  • [New] Shaderless compatibility mode ( use the "shaderless .bat" file )
  • [Change] EndlessMode : Changed the way Army bonuses are chosen
  • [Lang] Added a log tracing how many entries are loaded when language is changeds
  • [Lang] On first launch, will now look up the user's language and select it if available
  • [Balance] Pillage : add 6 pawns --> add 5 pawns
  • [Balance] Added another condition to the secret ending
v.1.221 Quickpatch:
  • [New] Shotgun King is now available in Spanish (select from options)
  • [Fix] Alternative boss text and illustration are now correctly used when Theocracy is active
v1.22 Patch:
  • [New] Shotgun King is now available in french (select from options)
  • [New] Anyone can translate the game now!
  • [Ergonomy] It's now possible to cancel Wand Effects with a right click (same as for using souls)
  • [SFX] Jingle for conscription
  • [Fix] Unjust Decree doesn't stay activated after a folly shield warning
  • [Fix] Rollover from one soul to another now displays the red squares properly
  • [Fix] speedrun counter now stops during backup
  • [Fix] Sacred Crown won't appear if you have no soul slot
  • [Fix] Piercing Truth can no longer be had more than once
  • [Fix] You can now reload your shotgun after the flying shell animation
  • [Fix] Boss' death animation now displays correctly when killed by grenade
v1.21 Patch:
  • [Ergonomy] You can now shift-click to ignore folly shields
  • [Fix] Intro is back for storymode
  • [Fix] Grenade now checks for king death
  • [Fix] Fixed a bug where poisoned queens would stop bubbling
  • [Fix] Fixed a few typos


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well done guys! You 've got a new linux loyal customer



(2 edits)

Hello friends, Why don't your port this magnificent game to PLAYDATE? I will buy it for sure!  I can say it will be one of the best games of the entire catalogue and the PlayDate's crank would have a very good use for managing the direction of attacks, for example... Kind regards and thanks in advance!

Hey, may I make a small suggestion? Can you please make the game over cinematic skippable?

Oooh! What's new in version 1.4? Will it come to GOG?


Yes it will! It has controller support, a tutorial, new graphics, and better modding support! It comes out of beta on January 20th!

Yay! 🥳


This is cool as hell for me. Cool game, keep going at it and have a good life.


Hello? I've been looking for an email to write to but didn't find one, so I'm writing here instead.

I'm currently working on an Italian translation for the game and I've made quite a bit of progress, but I can't seem to be able to make the word-replacing system work outside of just plurals. Don't know if that's because I'm doing something wrong or because that feature doesn't exist outside of changing stuff that ends with "s".  I wanted to use it to help with the fluidity of the text so that the lines don't get too wordy or grammatically incorrect. Would love to know if that is already possible or if something like that can be implemented in the future.

If not, I'll just do my best and work around the limitations whenever possible. I really want this game to be more accessible to the Italian community.

In any case, love the game. Keep up the great work! ^^

I’ve been playing this game for a few days now on a steam deck and I was just wondering if controller support will be added to the pc version. It works great with just the trackpad but I got a lot more buttons that I could be using. Anyways great game, definitely one of the best roguelikes


It will yes! It's in the works :)

Will we ever have an iOS version?


I just want to say thank you for all the hard work you have put into Shotgun King! It is an amazing game and in a world bloated with half ass gameplay triple A projects, it's incredibly refreshing to enjoy an intelligent and fun game that is challenging with such re-playability. You are a true champion of game developers!

this game is excellent, but I just purchased it on switch (i already own it on itch) and noticed two glaring issues, the first and foremost being that there is no way to check enemy health on switch, which is seriously inconvenient, the second is that the shotgun cone always automatically extends as far as possible, making it a little tricky to determine close up shots when you have a high arc. Once again, I love this game, but I was disappointed when I ran into these issues.

I think you should do the tutorial again because you definitely can check the enemies' health and it's explained there. 😄 You just need to press the - button. For the shotgun cone unfortunately this was the best solution we could come up with without making the controls unnecessarily complicated. Thanks for getting it on Switch! 💖

This game charmed me as if I was 7 years old and had just seen River Raid on the Atari


Great game pls publish for android too. It will be an instant hit.

then I won't leave the toilet for an hour or more

Fantastic game, loving the recent card update, but I can't find any info on what the 'Love' value on each card in the Codex means. 


It represents how often you choose a card when it is proposed by the game. : )

Ohhh ok, thanks for replying!



Very fun game! Would be great with a Mac or switch version, I would buy it again for switch no doubt.

Do you think you can update the Sample Mod to be consistent with your latest vanilla game's updates? We'd appreciate that...

Done! Sorry about the oversight!

Of course. There's a bit of an issue in mods after the major update, however (new cards, codex, ranking system, chase mode, etc.):

- For custom modes based off of throne, Boss Music won't play at the start of the floor as it does in vanilla
- Is it intentional we can't be able to edit title_bg.png for mods? It'd be a good addition in my own opinion...
- Not sure what more to add, sorry :(

I don't entirely know either, but I think it's best to also include the sample mod with sample mode scripts for Throne and Endless as well, just to be sure it's 100% consistent with vanilla, too.


Fantastic game! Came from Northernlions streams of the game and was absolutely flabbergasted from the creativity and originality of the lovely game we all love so much.  The game is constantly being patched and I will definitely support the game on steam. I see a great career  in the chess game here and I hope for the best. Keep on spreading the good word of the fantastic game of chess. 

Kind Regards,



Any hope for a mac version?

do mods work with steam version also can you make mods with the steam version?


I'm absolutely loving the game! It's perfect for my work breaks, and the genre combination makes it SOOO enjoyable! 

on the bad side, while trying to play it on my phone I found the crap bootleg copies, which made me incredibly sad, since this game def deserves dev support. Stopped playing the copy immediately after I realized it was the same concept. All the love to PUNKCAKE! 

Hey, so I bought and downloaded the game without an account, does anyone know how to update the game?

The karma downgrade is really overpowered. I hate it.

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The game's translation got broke after new updates. It's a mess with translated and untranslated letters. I disabled it since that does not bother me, but it is a issue for who do not. I used to play on Korean language, and it seems Chinese language has the same problem.

Won't lie man that shit gets hard. Very unique game. I loved the demo. Looking forward to picking up the full version soon.

Does purchasing the game here on itch give a DRM-free copy AND a code for Steam, or is it just the code for Steam?

It gives you both a DRM-free copy and a  Steam code!


Thank you!


Great game!!

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Haha. You liked my LD48 Shotgun Viking title screen and upgrade system? x) So much similarity. The gameplay is wildly different though! Thanks for playing my game! https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/48/shotgun-viking-ld48


We introduced your game. We hope you like our content.

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Very fun game. The theming and overall aesthetic are fantastic. The gameplay is of course very interesting and has some nice hidden tricks for you to discover. Surprisingly, there's not much of a tutorial but if you know Chess you can figure things out.

I beat the Normal mode pretty quick when I got a good lineup of cards. Going to have to try harder modes I guess.

Just FYI I got crows for +range, the sniper scope, 2 gunpowders for firepower, there were extra pawns that had extra health (but killing pawns gave me ammo) and 2 extra rooks (but killing rooks gave me ammo!) AND I had 3 shots.  Oh and the extra life lol. With the range, firepower and extra ammo I was standing in place shooting everything and sniping the queen. Normal mode did not feel like a roguelike on normal mode, at least not with the right cards.

fantastic game, very fun

So fun!! Really impressed, seriously


we need a fricking demo


there is a demo tho lmao


what engine did you guys use?


they used the sugar engine



told my grandam about this and then she called it racist💀


please release a macos version!

Yeah I really want to play but I can't.

Google En Passant

the game may be cool, but I have problems with the demo version of the game, I have a white screen and the name is sugar

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Holy shit chess 2 happened

And I love it


the idea is …

like u added a shotgun to chess

like … HOW

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