Shotgun King 1.25 Patch notes - Now supports Simplified Chinese!

Hi all!

We've just uploaded patch 1.25 for Shotgun King!

It contains a lot of bugfixes and some minor improvements and balance changes. And it adds Chinese to the game's available languages!

We've spent a lot of time working on our game engine so that it would support unicode characters, and then so that it could display them at a different resolution without utterly butchering the final result. And now that it's done, it means we can support a lot more languages. Chinese is the first to come to the game but we have plans for more, more info further below!

We also took the time to add back accents and special characters to the existing French and Spanish translations, as well as rework the French translation a little bit.

Here's the complete changelog:

  • [Controls] <SPACE> shortcut to reload
  • [Controls] King Shoulders now use drag & drop to be activated
  • [Balance] Castle now stuns king and rook so they can't attack you right after swapping
  • [Balance] Castle now offers +1hp to rooks
  • [Balance] Secret Heir is now theocracy compatible
  • [Balance] Theocracy and throne room now exclude each other
  • [Engine] Grenades now explode right after being launched.
  • [Engine] Surrender now happens on last leader death. It won't happen anymore if there's no leader in the level setup.
  • [Engine] Taunting Hop can now override Folly Shields if it kills its target
  • [Engine] Folly Shields now take extra damage from Unjust Decree into account
  • [Engine] Sacred crown now ignores Folly Shields when you use a soul.
  • [Visual] Heir animation is skipped if there's only one pawn.
  • [Visual] Moat floating animation is now compatible with flying bishops and spotted heirs
  • [Bugfix] reloading shotgun now waits for full ammo regeneration
  • [Bugfix] Folly shields now check for 3 dmg (not your firepower) if you throw a piece at close range with King's Shoulders
  • [Bugfix] You can now throw pieces with King's Shoulders even if your shotgun is empty
  • [Bugfix] Pause is now activable only during your turn
  • [Bugfix] White Pieces and Black King starting their turn in the moat can now move within the moat without constraint
  • [Bugfix] Thrown pieces can't overlap knocked back pieces anymore
  • [Bugfix] Folly shield now take account of the Royal Loafers target
  • [Bugfix] HP Bar now display correctly when 10hp+ pieces fall below 10hp
  • [Bugfix] Theocracy bishops can now be thrown at each other, without Castle's rooks crashing the game.
  • [Bugfix] Exorcised steam achievement doesn't block the unlocking of Avenged steam achievement anymore.
  • [Bugfix] using black mist to escape a grenade won't make you invicible to other grenadas.
  • [Lang] added Chinese translation!
  • [Lang] reworked the French and Spanish translations
  • [Lang] "souls" has been added to translation file
  • [Lang] difficulty mode now displays correctly in the game footer

Thanks to everyone who reported bugs and issues with the game! We hope you'll appreciate all the fixes and changes!

As usual, all these changes also apply to the demo which we just updated as well.

And now that the game supports non-latin characters, we're looking to add more translations. We already have a few community-made translations that we'd like to officialize, including Japanese, Korean, Ukrainian, Polish, Russian, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, and Romanian! Those all need to be updated for the new version, and more importantly they need to be tested by other players who understand the language before we can add it in.

If you'd like to help test out new translations, or that you'd like to propose a new one, please come to our Discord! That's where we're storing all the translations right now and where we coordinate everything. Your help would be more than welcome!

We're excited to make the game more accessible to players all around the world!

Thank you all for your support and for making Shotgun King the success it is! We're still overwhelmed with how well it's been doing! Thank you!! ❤

Have a great week!
-PUNKCAKE Délicieux 🥞


Shotgun King - Demo 35 MB
Jun 06, 2022
Shotgun King - Full Version 32 MB
Jun 06, 2022

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