Shotgun King: The Final Checkmate made its way to Steam! 💥♟️

Hi all!

Today we released Shotgun King on Steam! It's our first game to reach that platform so it's a pretty big deal for us. But between you and I, Itch definitely remains our favorite. 👀

Anyway! We also updated the game! Both here and for the Steam version. We did a short Beta run over the last few days, and the new version brings all the beta changes to the stable release.

Here is the cumulative changelog:

  • [New] 10 new cards!
  • [New] "mod" option added: customize various gameplay values and graphics
  • [Rework] Engraved Scope: Right click for fire arc -45° and range +1. Resets on each move.
  • [Balance] Blunderbuss: fire arc 24° --> 30°
  • [Balance] Unfaithful Steed: Does not remove knight souls at the start of each floor anymore
  • [Balance] Iron Maiden: queen: -1 speed --> queen: -2 speed
  • [Balance] Court of The King: 2 Knight + 2 Rooks --> 2 Knight + 1 Bishop + 1 Rook
  • [Balance] Holy Gunpowder: 3 cards max --> 2 cards max
  • [Balance] Ermine Belt: 4 cards max --> 3 cards max
  • [Balance] Flying bishop can now also attack throught pieces. Also added a cool floating effectas a counterpart
  • [Balance] Lookout Tower 10 turns -> 15 Turns ( Now display turns correctly )
  • [Visual] Castle event now pauses the game for a short time
  • [Visual] Now drawing a litteral line of sight when uncovering the secret heir
  • [Text] Sabotage card renamed Ruins
  • [Trad] at_delay now have a $0
  • [Trad] card return id instead of name if the name has no translation
  • [Trad] Updated French and Spanish translations
  • [Mod support] you can now add a language.txt in your mod to modify/add some text
  • [Mod support] intro.png added to the modable files
  • [Bugfix] no more vanishing gun on pointing left
  • [Bugfix] no more red flickering bg when "scr.flash" is deactivated
  • [Bugfix] Unjust Decree is not changing king position anymore on multiple fire.
  • [Bugfix] Red Book or Ascension are not applied on soul's moves anymore.
  • [Bugfix] changing aim during unjust decree is now impossible. The decree is unjust enough.
  • [Bugfix] No more softlock if you have no pawn and the secret heir
  • [Bugfix] Boss music resume correctly after black mist
  • [Bugfix] No more black screen while the game is paused
  • [Bugfix] Leader bonuses are no longer assigned to rooks instead of bishops in case of theocracy
  • [Minor] change hint for exhausted cards

We also updated the demo with the bugfixes, balance and ergonomy changes by the way!

If you'd like to talk about the game or report any bugs, please come to our Discord!

We've been floored by Shotgun King's popularity so far! Thank you all so much for your support!
Have a very nice Friday and a lovely weekend! 💖

PUNKCAKE Délicieux 🥞


Shotgun King - Full Version 30 MB
May 12, 2022
Shotgun King - Demo 30 MB
May 12, 2022
Sample Mod 29 kB
May 09, 2022

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if i bought the game 10 days ago how do I obtain the steam key

Go into your Itch library, then go into "My Purchases" on the left, and click on Shotgun  King. It should be there.

You  also received a mail from Itch yesterday to tell you about it and it has a direct link to that same place, if that's more convenient. Let me know if you find it!

Sorry for bothering but I cannot find it even there - it only gives a download link just as before. 

Hi, in that case you do need to find the mail we sent on Thursday, or your original purchase mail, from when you bought the game. Alternatively you can request a new purchase mail from this page:

All of these mails  contain a link to the page where you can redeem your key.

Oh, I have realised I got this game through the Patreon program, the key was there to redeem. Thanks.