New patch for Shotgun King adds French translation! ♟️🥐

Hey all!

We just uplaoded a new patch with a bunch of fixes, but also a french translation AND the possibility for you to add more translations!

First here's the complete changelog:

  • [New] Shotgun King if now available in french (select from options)
  • [New] Anyone can translate the game now!
  • [Ergonomy] It's now possible to cancel Wand Effects with a right click (same as for using souls)
  • [SFX] Jingle for conscription
  • [Fix] Unjust Decree doesn't stay activated after a folly shield warning
  • [Fix] Rollover from one soul to another now displays the red squares properly
  • [Fix] speedrun counter now stops during backup
  • [Fix] Sacred Crown won't appear if you have no soul slot
  • [Fix] Piercing Truth can no longer be had more than once
  • [Fix] You can now reload your shotgun after the flying shell animation
  • [Fix] Boss' death animation now displays correctly when killed by grenade

The French language can now be selected from the settings, as well as any language you add a translation for! In the game's folder there is a new lang folder. In this folder you can copy the english.txt file and use it as a template to create new translations! The game will let you select any language that has a file in this folder, using the file's name.

One more thing, we're bringing the game to Steam! If you bought it on Itch or got it on Patreon, you will get a Steam key when it releases, but in the meantime it would really help us if you would please the algorithm gods by wishlisting the game on Steam! Thank you!

Thanks for the love on Shotgun King! Allez vaincre ce satané Roi Blanc as we say in French!

PUNKCAKE Délicieux 🥞

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Apr 27, 2022

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