Metavaxx 1.1 patch! 🔧🔬

Hi all!

We just released a 1.1 patch for Metavaxx! There are a few bug fixes and some extra polish we wanted to get into the game!

If you're using the Itch io launcher, then the game should auto-update. Otherwise, you'll have to download the game again. In that case, consider making a copy of your save file (save.bnk in the game's files) just in case you override it by mistake! (that won't happen with the Itch launcher auto-update)

Here is the complete change list for this 1.1 version:

  • in-game escape key will pause instead of leaving
  • pause is now only available in-game
  • added a proper [ship vaccines / cancel project] button
  • reworked ending sequence
  • fluorine can't telport if stuck in mucus
  • projectiles and mucus don't affect cloaked molecules anymore
  • collisions with big molecules refined
  • large nitrogen molecule speed cap
  • reworked basophile behaviors: they now digest smaller molecules
  • added option to deactivate shader
  • punkcake intro and link added
  • fixed a bug that let you restart vaccine with previous evolution
  • fixed a bug that made the game crash when large molecules got stuck in cells
  • Files 51 MB
    97 days ago

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