Metavaxx is out now! 👩‍🔬🔬

Metavaxx is strategic minesweeper-shooter hybrid where you are tasked to develop the ultimate vaccine!

It features:

  • 🔫 tight shooter action
  • 🧩 classic minesweeper thinking
  • 🤔 strategic decision making
  • 💪 25 different body samples to cure
  • 🧬 20 unique upgrades to choose after each level
  • 🥼 6 laboratories giving you a unique boost for your playthrough
  • 🎲 randomized gameplay for considerable replayability
  • 🎶 chiptune music by the amazing Pentadrangle
  • 📝 name your own vaccine (and the game)

  • It's our second game as PUNKCAKE Délicieux! We're releasing a whole new game every month, individually for 6$ on Itch, and as part of a 3€/mth subscription on Patreon!

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