The Wratch's Den 1.1 patch is up!

The first (and hopefully only) patch for The Wratch's Den is up!

It contains almost exclusively fixes for bugs and other annoyances. To our delight, the game doesn't seem to have crashed for anyone yet, so hopefully that keeps on holding. Some of the bugs were somewhat game-breaking though, so that's why we felt the need to do a patch. This should be the only patch for this game unless some other game-breaking issue turns up.

If you are using the Itch app (which we recommand btw) the game should auto-update. If you're not using the Itch app, then you will have to download the game again and manually transfer your save.bnk file from the older game folder to get your save back.

Here is the complete patch log:

  • Fixed a bug where the orb could be mixed up with an item upon entering the throne room, enabling a premature win.
  • Ninjas and ghosts can now properly interact with special tiles in rooms.
  • Ninjas and ghosts have been forbidden to forge pickaxes, as that would be problematic.
  • Goblins' tiles and items brought to school will no longer be confiscated upon graduation.
  • The goblin tamer formation now includes a task separation course teaching them not to call the wolves when dropping an item.
  • Stopped wandering entities to pile up on tiles where there are already two other entities, which would push the oldest entity on that square into a frightening liminal space between states of being where they would be drawn but never again updated. (similar to a constant state of sleep paralysis if you will)
  • Swap control prompts will now go away if you ignore them for long enough and use the other swap controls instead.
  • Made it impossible for room descriptions to be partially off-screen.
  • Giving up in expansion mode will now trigger the score counting sequence.
  • Added back misplaced description for the vampire: they do steal enemy HPs.
  • Now displaying difficulty and how many in-game years it took to win the run in the ending screen.
  • You can now fast-forward through the ending screen with the action key.
  • Corrected a few typos.
  • Default window size is now smaller.
  • Shader can now properly be deactivated from the options. (no visual difference but may affect performences either way depending on your setup - in doubt, we recommend leaving it on)

Thank you all for getting and playing the game! We're loving that you love it so much!

Happy digging and long live The Wratch! 👹


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Aug 12, 2021

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