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Make up your squads out of 9 unique ships and save 3 planets from hordes of robots in this colorful horizontal shoot-em-up!

Each of the 9 pilots in the Spectrum Forces has unique capacities. It's up to you to select the right ones for the right job. You've been commissioned to clear 3 planets from the residing Abandonware. Try your best to not lose anyone while doing so!

Select how difficult you want the game to be with the challenges and finish the game with style to get the best score!

This game features:

🛫 classic horizontal shmup action
🔧 9 ships with their unique behaviors and abilities
👩‍✈️ 9 colorful pilots
🖌️ carefully designed levels
🐲 3 unique bosses
😤 optional challenges to max out your score
⏱ 15-20 minutes play sessions
🎶 original chiptune soundtrack by Pentadrangle



This game can be played with either keyboard and mouse or with a game controller!

Before starting a level, you must choose up to 4 pilots to complete the level with. In the level, all the pilots will shoot simultaneously, each with their unique pattern. All are vulnerable to enemy hazards, and if a ship goes down, you lose it for good. The pilot in leader position will define the squad's formation and how they move together. The leader pilot is also the only one whose overdrive is being charged at any time, as you deal damage to enemies. You can cycle your pilots and set whichever you want in leader position at any time during the game, using the controls described below.

keyboard controls:

  • The arrow keys to move the ships
  • Shoot with X
  • Swap the squadron's leader with C (this changes the formation and which overdrive is being charged)
  • When the leader's overdrive is ready (bar is full next to their portrait) use it with V

game controller controls:

  • Move the ships with the Left Stick
  • Shoot with (A)
  • Swap the squadron's leader with (B)
  • When the leader's overdrive is ready, use it with (X)


If you'd like you can come to our Discord to talk about the game, share your highscore, discuss strategies and/or get advice! We'd love to know who's your favorite pilot and what boss you hate the most!

Of course it's also a very good place to get news of our next projects!


The game doesn't run!

If you're having trouble running the game please try the following things:

  • Extract the game to a different location, like a new folder on your Desktop, and try running it from there.
  • Add the game's executable to your antivirus' whitelist. Try launching the game now.
  • Still no luck? Please come get help on our Discord, or send us an email at trasevol.dog@gmail.com and attach the 'log.txt' file from the game's folder if it exists.


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We also have a french version of the presskit! 🥐



This game was made by PUNKCAKE Délicieux, a small team making and releasing a new game every month through Patreon and itch.io!

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PUNKCAKE Délicieux is made up of lovely humans Benjamin SouléRémy Devaux and Pentadrangle!

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1.1 patch notes:

  • Fixed a bug that let you have duplicate pilots

1.2 patch notes:

  • Fixed a bug with the Patreon thanks at the end of the game
Updated 9 days ago
Release date 44 days ago
AuthorPUNKCAKE Délicieux 🥞
Made withAseprite
Tagschiptune, Colorful, Gay, LGBTQIA, Pixel Art, Robots, Sci-fi, Score Attack, Shoot 'Em Up
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller, Gamepad (any)
LinksPatreon, Twitter, Discord


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forced inclusion

oh believe me, no-one is forcing us to do anything at all. indeed we're very happy to be doing whatever we want. 💁‍♀️


i talk about the game characters, and as a trans girl, LGBTQ+ and black color people community inclusion is just forced in this game

oh well i guess it's the inclusion jail for us then. no regrets tbh, we had a lot of fun designing diverse characters and we think more devs should do it. 🤷‍♀️


why? what's the importance bruh


are the characters like lgbt? or am i confusing something kfjd


oh yeah, it's not really mentioned anywhere for the sake of subtlety, but they're all gay af

(1 edit) (+3)(-1)



Does it matter? How does it affect the game?


It doesn't affect gameplay, but some people will be glad for the representation. :)





ok the character design is good and the graphics too i will try this game someday!!!!


Definitely going to try this someday


Pixel art and music are both glorious. Controls are simple but nuanced, based around controlling a formation rather than a single fighter. You've got nine pilots to beat three levels and three bosses. The levels are the same every time but the trick is to try to work out the best combination of pilots on each level to maximise your sustainability and efficiency.  As each pilot has totally distinct strengths, weaknesses, weapons, and controls, this leads to far more replayability than you might expect, and there's also a pile of handicap-based challenges you can tack on.  Might have liked another level or two but there's hours of entertainment here as-is.


Spectrum as in Autism?

(1 edit) (+15)(-3)

Spectrum as in the visible light spectrum, but we don't mind you reading it that way. :)


I lost 3 of  my comrades to a single attack once the stasis wore of and had to take on the final boss all by myself. We have won the battle but at what cost :'(