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Spectrum Forces is a tactical shoot-em-up where you get 9 unique ships to save 3 different planets!

Each of the 9 pilots in the Spectrum Forces has unique capacities. It's up to you to select the right ones for the right job. You've been commissioned to clear 3 planets from the residing Abandonware. Try your best to not lose anyone while doing so!

This game features:

🛫 classic horizontal shmup action
🔧 9 ships with their unique behaviors and abilities
👩‍✈️ 9 colorful pilots
🖌️ carefully designed levels
🐲 3 unique bosses
😤 optional challenges to max out your score
⏱ 15-20 minutes play sessions
🎶 original chiptune soundtrack by Pentadrangle

It's our 5th game as PUNKCAKE Délicieux! We're releasing a whole new game every month as part of a 3€/mth subscription, and also individually on itch io!


spectrum_forces.zip 76 MB
Oct 25, 2021

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