Shroomchitect 🍄 Out Now!

Shroomchitect is a relaxing creative game where you care for little creatures called shroomies and help them turn a big mushroom into a cozy little home and take pictures with the photo mode!

Shroomies are small demi-spirits of the forest who are known for settling into mushrooms! In shroomchitect, a small group of shroomies has just found a brand new mushroom and they trust you to help them turn it into a welcoming home at least as cute as they are!

🤗 A stress-free, cute, warm and wholesome game
🔨 Help your shroomies build a comfy base
💖 Care for them like virtual pets
📸 Take pictures with the built-in photo mode
⏱ Play sessions average upwards of 30 minutes
🎨 Homebrew voxel graphics and pixel-art
🎶 Original lo-fi soundtrack by Pentadrangle

It's our 7th game as PUNKCAKE Délicieux! We're making a new one every month, find out more at!

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Feb 22, 2022

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Plz, add a Mac version for the poor people who saddly just have an Apple computer :)

We hear you! Porting this one and our other games to Mac is one of our top priorities atm! 😄