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Rush for the Ages is a quick card game about remaking history and outplaying your opponents in a race through the ages to build the most glorious timeline!

Find the best synergies between the different cards and compete for the prestige tokens uncovered as the game advances. But as soon as any player sets down a 7th card in their timeline, the game ends and a winner is sanctified.

🌍 Minimalist card-based take on the 4X genre
📜 Remake history, build the most glorious timeline
🎲 Strategize with what you're dealt
🛕 Unlock and experiment with 21 civilizations
🌶️ 7 difficulties + 1 marathon/gauntlet mode
⏱ Unique and lightning-fast runs (2~10 minutes)
🎶 Immersive soundtrack by Pentadrangle

It's our 8th game as PUNKCAKE Délicieux! We're making a new one every month, find out more at!

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Mar 26, 2022

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