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Well, lost my first game within turns, this needs a tutorial... :P

If there are any updates for the promised Steam release, it'd be nice to have a bit more balancing for the orc and goblin classes and other units. Taking a unit to the library and getting Courier/Tamer or Ninja/Healer at the start of the game and having to restart the whole run because of how much harder those are to use than just a single Warrior/Miner, an Engineer, and infinite archers.

Maybe a way to increase the undead or monster units' move speed? Or more perks that effect any unit other than Goblin Archers? As things stand, spending time and money on any class other than Goblin Archer in endless mode feels like a waste


The mechanic, where after some mining actions game gives me option of placing 2 rooms in random places is very satysfyng for me. Would you like to create a city builder, based on such mechanic?

This was an interesting little game. It was quite fun ^^ 


Dumb question, how do I shoot with my goblin archer?


Ranged minions attack automatically when they are aligned with enemies and you use turns with other minions. :)

But if you only have 1 minion alive (the goblin archer) you can't do that.
The game lacks a skip turn key so in this case the gobling archer would attack.


When the steam version will come out?

How do you use the goblin archers?


This team is amazing, this little piece, even small that it is, can make you invest in it until you understand it completely, you will die allot yes but you will get better every time, and every new game you will get to understand new pieces of the game until you complete it.
Amazing little Piece

Really really fun, even with controls being a bit funky. I just wish I could understand how to deal with the later heroes instantly killing my undead. Haven't even been able to beat Normal yet.

Love love LOVE this game. Got it in the Ukraine bundle, beaten the Easy and Normal modes, working on beating the remaining levels. One suggestion: would it be possible to make a more "economic" mode for people like me who are just trying to expand as much as possible? Perhaps setting a cap at the degree of difficulty of the fights in that mode, so that there's actually a chance for someone who's just playing casually to max out their technology and just focus on making a functional minion-dom. This would make the game perfect for someone like me, where the current "expansion" mode gets too difficult, too quickly. I get attached to my setup and it becomes a bit of a downer when suddenly I don't have the power to defend it or look away from the Wratch for one second too long!


Do you plan on adding more content to these games?


This game has the most puzzling balance issues in that it is heaviiy RNG reliant, but what is randomized is mostly actions that in other genres are in your control. Unlocking rooms might place them in a useful space or somewhere out of the way. You might get lucky and have a brickmaker + engineer goblin right off the bat or waste hundreds of turns without either or both. The shop might give you useful items/upgrades or a bunch of minions with no beds. Traps you buy might get placed somewhere useful like in a chokepoint or in a random corner where they will never trigger, and so on and so forth.

That and one of my runs was killed from finding the first 2 orbs right at once, but the third being so out of the way even with prospectors and torches I couldn't get it before getting bored of having to fight yet another 10+ heroes wave.


Finally my dreams of building a dungeon and comanding minions has come true

Got this in the Ukraine bundle. It's really great, but mouse compatibility would be greatly appreciated for accessibility purposes.


Hey! I played this game some time ago after it came out, and still feel quite positive about it still. Every time I see the link for it pop up somewhere, I smile and think about my time playing it. It's such a button-masher, but dang if there isn't some strategy involved! I appreciate the continuation of this style of game and recommend it as a top pixel platformer (if you can call it that, this game defies convention really.) And the bartender gag is pretty amusing. I've compiled some similar thoughts over on my blog. If you all are interested in what's going on here, here's a link: Thank you so much!


Your games are very cool! 

But please, add mouse support a.s.a.p!



Hey guys, really fun concept, been enjoying it a lot. That said, I think criticism is the highest compliment because I means I care enough to put some thought into it, so hopefully you understand I mean the following with love :)

I think the choices always being random make it a bit frustrating sometimes and hold it back from having proper tactical depth. Examples of this are room placement, school upgrades, anvil upgrades etc. I get that you want it to be sort of procedural, every playthrough is different, but what it actually means is if I don't get the upgrades I want, I either have to restart (frustrating) or put up with it (also frustrating). Probably not the design you were going for!

Also, I don't know if it exists, but some kind of wiki explaining all the different tech tree progressions and units would also be super helpful.

Then a few minor issues that may be bugs or me misunderstanding the controls;

1. dragons don't seem to have a way to shoot a fireball by choice, and often just stand there taking ranged hits without returning fire

2. there doesn't seem to be any way to skip a turn, or an option to manually fire arrows, so if I have an archer positioned on tiled floor there's no way to wait until enemies come to me to then fire arrows at them. Also is there any way to replenish arrows? with an upgrade or anything?

3. ninjas hide in the walls, but get hit back, even if their attack kills the enemy - surely it's a sneak attack and there's no time to hit back?

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Arrows (and darts to restock traps) are refilled after every in-game year.And yeah, besides the higher attack ninjas are pretty useless. Also hitting a wall by mistake is frustrating because it will cost you one turn, either from digging it or sneaking inside of it.


There needs to be a save game/load game feature for when you want to do other things but don't want to leave your computer running.

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An automatic save function (after every turn) would be appreciated so that you don't get punished for being too skillful or lucky the longer the runs go (and they can get too lengthy too often for one sitting).

Also, an automatic version check would be appreciated as well (similar to that of Slice & Dice) so that you can be certain without much of a fuzz that you're on the latest build.

What engine is the game written on?

This game was made with the SUGAR engine which we're also developing! It's not publicly available yet, but you can find out more about it here:


Yes! Definitely yes, it's a fun experience. $ 6 is like a cup of coffee at Starbucks. So I didn’t regret the $ 6 for this game at all.

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Fun game. I wish I had thought of it. Just finished Nightmare mode. My 9 year old daughter beat it on easy. What a gem! I'm glad I saw it on Splattercat.


Splattercat has enabled my bad spending habits soooooo much over time lol. I hope he gets commission for the amount of selling he effortlessly does.

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Bugs/Gripes post-patch 1.1 so far:

-No save function

-All anvil improvement for a unit is reset when a unit is trained

-Random anvil upgrades

-No surefire way to choose from all the classes  from the school,  retrain, or    sacrifice units to get a certain class within the current spawn limit

-Units sacrificed on the dark altar do not vacate the spawn pool, and may    not be replaced

-Worldwide unit upgrades don't apply to units that spawn after the upgrade   purchase

Lastly, I want to say thanks to the developers for this is a fantastically fun game! It's downright scary how much time disappears when I play it.

Excellent, but absolutely NEEDS a savegame function of some sort...

And make sure to do it for both gamemodes!

Hello devs, this is a really cool looking game, its aesthetics and mechanics look pretty fun, looks kind of short too but I still wanna play it, Is there any Steam release date planned?

Keep the good work :D


Cheers! We do plan on releasing this game on Steam before the end of the year but no precise date as of yet. But if you purchase it here you will get a Steam key when it does get on there!

I do am eager to buy this one, but I have a problem with the payment, I don't have an international credit card and since I'm from Brazil it's quite complicated to pay with R$(brazillian real), Steam on the other hand accepts any cash already making the conversion, still, don't worry cause I'll have this one in my pixel art collection on the realease :3

This reply was all I needed to buy the game here.  Looking forward to that Steam key in the future and to playing this in the time being!  Thanks!

When trying to execute the game, it does not work, the log has this error message: 

'Could not open 'map.bnk'. No such file or directory'

Any recommendation on how to fix it?

That's very curious, can you see a 'data.sgr' file in the game's folder? If not, you need to download the game again I think, that file needs to be there. Oh also you do need to extract the zip file's contents into a new folder before launching the game in there, you can't launch the game directly from the zip file, maybe that's your issue?

Otherwise, maybe try moving the game's folder to another location and launch it from there? Please let us know if any of these things work.

I extracted everything, and  try several folders, the data.sgr is there, in the log you can see 'Opened dat 'data.sgr'. with 28 blocks.'

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The only 2 errors are the map.bnk not found and The Discord API could not initialized.

Can you please send the complete log at we'll solve this over mail if that's ok. :)


My antivirus says it is infected with malware.....

We need to figure out how to make antiviruses trust our games but in the meantime you'll have to let your antivirus know the executable is safe yourself. FWIW we're not putting malwares in our games, that would be a pretty bad business practice.


You have a gem here but its definitely unpolished. I beat all the different difficulty levels and even played around on the endless mode and I only bought this roughly 8 hours ago. $6.00 for 8 hours of gameplay is a bit of a letdown.  What this game really needs is some rougelite elements imo. Make it so when you get the three orbs  the wratch teleports to another area and give a run-permanent powerup. Make hard and nightmare a lot harder but throw in achievement locked permanent upgrades so we need to grind a bit to get strong enough to face them. Love the game but I was left seriously needing more.


this can't be a serious comment, right?


Nah, I'm just an anthropomorphized space squid trolling random comment sections to mess with humans and observe their responses. The galactic zygomats appreciate your contribution to science.

Deleted 2 years ago

Chill dude, wtf?


This looks really cool. Any chance for a linux version?


Yes! We'll be trying to make it happen before the end of the year!

Seconded on Linux version! This is a gem already. Thank you!

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I was sucked into Wratch's Den by the Dungeon Keeper-inspired graphics, but found a totally different game when I fired it up. Not disappointed at all; it's a fantastic experience. Fans of nitty-gritty tactical games (like me) will love it.

While obviously inspired by Dungeon Keeper, it's a totally different game. It's not a builder at all, it's actually a time-based tactical game. And it's loads of fun.  4 difficulty settings and an endless loop survival mode give this game pretty good mileage.  Could use a little more love - some balance tweaking in particular - but it's in very good shape as-is.


Punkcake keep knocking it out of the park with their games. The Wratch's Den is a casual dungeon keeper like game. I played it as part of the vault: 


Amazing game!  Would love a save option for "Expansion" mode!


How do I fire arrows for ranged attack with my archer? 


ranged minions attack automatically when they are aligned with enemies and you use turns with another minion.


Saving for it!

Hi, amazing game :D
I have one question. If I buy this game on, will I receive a free steam key once it comes out there or will I have to buy it again?


Yes if you buy it here you will get a Steam key when the game gets on there. Same thing if you get the game through our Patreon subscription. :)


Just watched Nookrium play this on youtube and it was fantastic! I will be picking this up next time I have time to play something. Great work, guys!


This game is awesome. The game sessions are short, but you have to actually think a lot in them. There is a lot of strategies to learn as you play over and over again!

10/10, would build my own dungeon again.

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