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Note: The “Tentative Linux Version” works perfectly in my Ubuntu 22.04 system :-) Thank you for making it!


I love this game so much! :3 Thank you.~ It's even more fun than I expected. ♥ It's beautiful both in art and design. 


if only there was a game like this that is fucking free

This a short review I made in spanish


The Turgenev Study is one of my favourite PUNKCAKE games so far. Like a bullet hell but without the bullets! Harvest, assimilate, blast, dodge - unique mechanics for a unique experience. Tons of different cells and upgrades and experiments for added replayability.

Would it be possible to replace the mouse cursor with a cleaner in-game sprite?

Gorgeous pixel art and lovely understated sound. Some interesting scaling mechanics, and the enemy AI is frustrating in an "I'll get you next time!" kind of way.

Not sure how much depth of play is possible in the jam version, since I haven't been able to get past a handful of samples (I haven't played with the lures yet for instance) but I could see this becoming quite absorbing with further polish.

I'm also curious about influences. A bit of vampire survivor?


Really interesting, looking forward to the full PunkCake version. Have you taken any inspiration from Rotozoa, the game from Nintendo's Art Style series?

Included this in my event highlights
Included this in my event highlights@47:32

Very addicting.

Hi, which engine did you use to make this game?


is this really important ? i'm guessing you can do that in unity, Godot, C++ or whatever. But you still need to find the idea and do it.




Congratulations on another fantastic game! I played the game so much that my medibot slots wrapped around twice!


lol, yes I guess this game need caps. I will improve this on the punkcake version :)