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Harvest DNA and assimilate new samples for your paramountly important research. Your laboratory is located in a warzone, resulting in limited access to energy sources. Your agent can only launch a harvest every 10 seconds. Do your best despite these harsh conditions.



  • Harvest happens every 10 seconds. All cells in your harvest zone will be converted to fresh DNA.
  • Reach the DNA treshold to activate assimilation mode.
  • Assimilation lets you collide with any cell to add it to your samples.
  • Each cell has a specific effect on your agent. Right click and hover over cells to check these effects.
  • [Premium] Complete experiment objectives to unlock new cell types and sample space.



  • left click: burn a catalyst to repel cells.
  • right click: pause the game. useful to analyse cell properties by hovering over them with the cursor.



The demo for this game is the prototype that was made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare #51 by Benjamin Soulé and Pentadrangle.

The new premium version adds a progression system which unlocks cell types, including brand new ones, sample space, and new objectives! It has new and improved semi-generated music to accompany you in your reasearch! And it also features 4 new palettes to choose from and a fancy shader effect that can be toggled on in the options!



If you'd like you can come to our Discord to talk about the game and share your scores and chat with other players!

Of course it's also a very good place to get news of our next projects!



If you're a streamer, youtuber, or press and you'd like to cover the game, we've uploaded a few assets you might find useful, including screenshots and thumbnail material! Find them here!


ERROR: game doesn't run

If you're having trouble running the game please try the following things:

  • Extract the game to a different location, like a new folder on your Desktop, and try running it from there.
  • Add the game's executable to your antivirus' whitelist. Try launching the game now.
  • Still no luck? Please come get help on our Discord, or send us an email at trasevol.dog@gmail.com and attach the 'log.txt' file from the game's folder if it exists.



This game was made by PUNKCAKE Délicieux, a small team making and releasing a new game every month through Patreon and itch.io!

Check out our Patreon subscription for advantageous offers and some more options!

PUNKCAKE Délicieux is made up of lovely humans Benjamin Soulé, Rémy Devaux and Pentadrangle!

Find us on these platforms:
:: 👉 Patreon
:: 👉 Twitter
:: 👉 Discord
:: 👉 Itch.io
:: 👉 Steam



Patch 1.0b:

  • Fixed a bug that could let enemy info pop-ups stay frozen there forever
  • Fixed a lategame crash that happened when grabbing a catalyst and you already had a lot
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when exiting a menu
  • Fixed a crash when writing your name on the wall of fame and trying to remove a unicode character
Updated 18 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Nov 11, 2022
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(26 total ratings)
AuthorsPUNKCAKE Délicieux 🥞, Benjamin Soulé
GenreSurvival, Simulation
Tagsbiology, catchem-all, Ludum Dare 51, microscope, Sci-fi
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly
LinksLudum Dare


Get this game and 17 more for $65.00 USD
View bundle
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The Turgenev Study Demo 16 MB

Development log


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I wish there was a demo for Linux as well

Don’t get me wrong, the demo works like a dream on Wine on Linux, and I love how tactile and elegant and choicey the game is, it’s just a recc to get more players <3


Note: The “Tentative Linux Version” works perfectly in my Ubuntu 22.04 system :-) Thank you for making it!


I love this game so much! :3 Thank you.~ It's even more fun than I expected. ♥ It's beautiful both in art and design. 


if only there was a game like this that is fucking free

Deleted 1 year ago


This a short review I made in spanish


The Turgenev Study is one of my favourite PUNKCAKE games so far. Like a bullet hell but without the bullets! Harvest, assimilate, blast, dodge - unique mechanics for a unique experience. Tons of different cells and upgrades and experiments for added replayability.


Would it be possible to replace the mouse cursor with a cleaner in-game sprite?

Gorgeous pixel art and lovely understated sound. Some interesting scaling mechanics, and the enemy AI is frustrating in an "I'll get you next time!" kind of way.

Not sure how much depth of play is possible in the jam version, since I haven't been able to get past a handful of samples (I haven't played with the lures yet for instance) but I could see this becoming quite absorbing with further polish.

I'm also curious about influences. A bit of vampire survivor?


Really interesting, looking forward to the full PunkCake version. Have you taken any inspiration from Rotozoa, the game from Nintendo's Art Style series?

Included this in my event highlights
Included this in my event highlights@47:32

Very addicting.

Hi, which engine did you use to make this game?


is this really important ? i'm guessing you can do that in unity, Godot, C++ or whatever. But you still need to find the idea and do it.





Congratulations on another fantastic game! I played the game so much that my medibot slots wrapped around twice!


lol, yes I guess this game need caps. I will improve this on the punkcake version :)