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Play fetch as gale the goodest boy. 🐶

Superfetch Dog is a platformer where you need to fetch the orb for your owner… She needs it! Run across various landscapes, jump over obstacles, climb trees, bark at small creatures, avoid dangerous wildlife, learn new tricks… Do anything you can do to retrieve the orb before it’s too late!

Nothing can stop a good boy like Gale. 🐶

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Superfetch Dog was PUNKCAKE Délicieux‘s entry to Ludum Dare #53, Jam category! The jam version was made entirely in under 72 hours, with the imposed theme "Delivery".

The full post-jam version contains a true ending, an extended environment, a revisited gameplay, more upgrades, more enemies, and much more! 

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If you'd like you can come to our Discord to talk about the game and compare scores!

Of course it's also a very good place to get news of our next projects!

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Are you press or a content creator?

If you're a streamer, youtuber, or press and you'd like to cover the game, we've uploaded a few assets you might find useful, including screenshots and thumbnail material! Find them here!

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As PUNKCAKE Délicieux we make a new game every month, which you can get by subscribing to our Patreon for 3€/month or buy separately on Itch io for 6$!

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Patch log

Quickpatch 1.0b:

  • Fixed instant game over when entering the ocean with too much vertical speed.
  • Fixed a crash on tree branches growing too long.
  • Fixed a few typos.
  • Changed the game's scaling mode so that it takes up more screen space.
Updated 18 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Aug 29, 2023
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(30 total ratings)
AuthorsPUNKCAKE Délicieux 🥞, Benjamin Soulé
TagsArcade, Cute, dog, Family Friendly, fetch, Forest, Ludum Dare 53, Pixel Art, Roguelite
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksLudum Dare


Get this game and 17 more for $65.00 USD
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Buy Now$6.00 USD or more

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Superfetch Dog - Ludum Dare Jam Version 50 MB

Development log


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Hey GameSupplyGuy, all of your game assets are great. I kindly request you to share the PSD files for your Cubeez game assets. I really need them.

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I made a short review on my YT Channel, also, the same vid is on IG and TikTok (Caution: it's in spanish😉)


I really like the concept, art, music, gameplay and the fact that it's endless. Sadly I wasn't able to discover the 'true ending' by myself, other than that amazing work.


Do you want to join?


poor girl, her life relies on that ball, yet she is cursed to throw it away again as soon as she gets it back :-/

I love it, thanks!


Hey there, I absolutely loved the game! Hit me right in the feels. I just had to find out the True Ending and built up a bit of a Silent Let's Play for both True and Bad Endings. Naturally, spoilers for those wishing to avoid it! 

Thank you so much for a great experience <3 Gale is truly the best of boys!


Great game!


Hehe, I made a game so similar to this I have to  mention it, with the same theme where you also play as a dog playing fetch. Looks like you all went much deeper with it though.

Fetch Quest

So, you guys release a game every month? I'm sure that's an excellent exercise in improving some very essential development skills, like scope management. How's it working out for you all? Would you recommend the model? How many people are involved?

I'm sure that when I played it (I think a year ago) it was free...


The game came out earlier this year as a gamejam entry, that is still available as a free demo for the full premium version we put out more recently. 🙂

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One of my favourite Punkcake games to date. It just puts a big smile on my face every time I play it.

I've been greatly enjoying the game! Haven't figured out the true ending yet, not sure if I just need to survive a long time or if there's some more esoteric condition.

I experienced an instantaneous crash just now when I brought a snake with me into the water, so wanted to bring that to your attention

I downloaded the demo instead of the full version, but it was really fun!


Bought it sight unseen, just like all your previous games. The Punkcake seal of quality NEVER disappoints. Been following your work since early Pico-8, it just keeps getting better and better.

Thanks for all the fish! #TrueFan


Very fun to play! 🐶




hello, playing the demo i cant figure out which key gives the orb since its not stated anywhere in the demo (as far as im aware)

nevermind, figured out it was C 

Relaxing and Speedy at the same time! Well done =) I love it!

I love it, thanks!

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Linux version?


This game is farfetched. Hah?


I really enjoyed being a doggie and going for the ball! I also enjoyed going for the ball while barking at the doggie. The story was disturbing and I was curious to see what would happen next. I played hard to see if I could make progress as I went along, but I was defeated. But it's fun! I felt the upgrades were strong with the Time Enhancement and Scent Seeker. I also felt that after the boar, maximum strength was a must.


omg its so cute you guys have the best style i swear


Also, I never figured out how the climbing action worked. It claims you can climb trees, but I only ever looked up when pressing up, even with that skill. Does it work, and if so, how do you use it?

I loved how there were several things to discover with the controls. At first I thought the health bonus was a good thing to pick, but now I avoid it for better stuff since I found out... Well, yeah, no spoilers. ;)


There is a gif with the mechanic on ben twitter https://twitter.com/benjamin_soule_/status/1653008441001099274


Such a cute and fun game! After playing for some time, I managed to get a run up to level 32. But then the game crashed. Does it have an ending other than what happens when failing to bring the ball back at some point?

I could send my crash log file, but it's probably too large to copy/paste here. Would it make sense to post it to the discord?

This would be a great game to maybe develop further as a monthly Punkcake game. It's pretty awesome as-is too. :)


Wow! Very nice game with a creative gameplay!