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Pls make demos😭😭

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You guys from PUNKCAKE Délicieux never stop to surprise me. Every one of your games is special, has something very unique - and Spectrum Force is no exception. What a great game! Beautiful, colorful pixelart, very varied unique ships that can be combined as the player likes, great soundtrack. But man this game sure means business, that's no cakewalk. At least for me. But it's just so motivating I always try my luck again.

Can't wait for news about your next project!


Looks great man.


this game is gay

Show post...

yes. respecc tweet from owner already thanks


Yeah im just joking


Is everyone playable in the game able bodied? Or was inclusion not really a central theme to the game?


Cool Game Keep Up The Good Work! 10/10!


Great game, glad I picked it up. Tight controls and a real challenge!

Would love to see a Mac native version but it runs nice enough in Parallels so no big deal.  

Also a Jukebox option in the menu? To listen to the awesome music.


Any plans for a playable demo? 


are the characters like lgbt? or am i confusing something kfjd


oh yeah, it's not really mentioned anywhere for the sake of subtlety, but they're all gay af

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Awesome. Also, Teal Keiko is cute af.

but why though

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It doesn't affect gameplay, but some people will be glad for the representation. :)

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ok the character design is good and the graphics too i will try this game someday!!!!


Definitely going to try this someday


Pixel art and music are both glorious. Controls are simple but nuanced, based around controlling a formation rather than a single fighter. You've got nine pilots to beat three levels and three bosses. The levels are the same every time but the trick is to try to work out the best combination of pilots on each level to maximise your sustainability and efficiency.  As each pilot has totally distinct strengths, weaknesses, weapons, and controls, this leads to far more replayability than you might expect, and there's also a pile of handicap-based challenges you can tack on.  Might have liked another level or two but there's hours of entertainment here as-is.


Spectrum as in Autism?

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Spectrum as in the visible light spectrum, but we don't mind you reading it that way. :)


You could also read it as the school program for gifted and talented kids which is also, for some reason, called spectrum!


or the bgbt spectrum its multicoloured


Or the ZX Spectrum!


I lost 3 of  my comrades to a single attack once the stasis wore of and had to take on the final boss all by myself. We have won the battle but at what cost :'(