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Hey, so I bought and downloaded the game without an account, does anyone know how to update the game?

The karma downgrade is really overpowered. I hate it.

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The game's translation got broke after new updates. It's a mess with translated and untranslated letters. I disabled it since that does not bother me, but it is a issue for who do not. I used to play on Korean language, and it seems Chinese language has the same problem.

Won't lie man that shit gets hard. Very unique game. I loved the demo. Looking forward to picking up the full version soon.

Does purchasing the game here on itch give a DRM-free copy AND a code for Steam, or is it just the code for Steam?

It gives you both a DRM-free copy and a  Steam code!


Thank you!


Great game!!

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Haha. You liked my LD48 Shotgun Viking title screen and upgrade system? x) So much similarity. The gameplay is wildly different though! Thanks for playing my game!

We introduced your game. We hope you like our content.

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Very fun game. The theming and overall aesthetic are fantastic. The gameplay is of course very interesting and has some nice hidden tricks for you to discover. Surprisingly, there's not much of a tutorial but if you know Chess you can figure things out.

I beat the Normal mode pretty quick when I got a good lineup of cards. Going to have to try harder modes I guess.

Just FYI I got crows for +range, the sniper scope, 2 gunpowders for firepower, there were extra pawns that had extra health (but killing pawns gave me ammo) and 2 extra rooks (but killing rooks gave me ammo!) AND I had 3 shots.  Oh and the extra life lol. With the range, firepower and extra ammo I was standing in place shooting everything and sniping the queen. Normal mode did not feel like a roguelike on normal mode, at least not with the right cards.

fantastic game, very fun

So fun!! Really impressed, seriously


we need a fricking demo


there is a demo tho lmao


what engine did you guys use?

they used the sugar engine


told my grandam about this and then she called it racist💀


please release a macos version!

Yeah I really want to play but I can't.

Google En Passant

the game may be cool, but I have problems with the demo version of the game, I have a white screen and the name is sugar

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Holy shit chess 2 happened

And I love it


the idea is …

like u added a shotgun to chess

like … HOW

Hermoso XDDD Como me pude reír
Y ESTÁ EN ESPAÑOL los amo enserio (Está en PRIVADO por los momentos estoy programando el lanzamiento)

This is a good game, but sorry 😞 i cant buy it

Please when is this game coming to mobile I can wait as long as it's coming to mobile


Excellent short game.
Exactly the kind of original gameplay mechanics I love,
with just right level of challenge,
and every game session is short enough that you immediately want to play one more again!

I reached floor 12 after 2.5 hours of non-stop play ^^

One minor detail : when you  are "check" at the beginning of a turn, and you have the ability to play another action after a soul move, soul moves leading to a "check" position are forbidden, while I should be able to escape the "check" on the extra turn
(not sure what version of the game I played though)

Oh my goodness, I'm in love with this game!

So currently I'm playing the gamejam version, as I was curious to see what had won (congrats by the way guys!!) and as soon as I get my next paycheck I'll be coming right back here to get the full version! This game is awesome! Way to make an incredible twist on chess while still keeping it strategy based!

Unless I'm missing it somewhere, I've yet to find a tutorial on the game for the rules, so I've just been sort of feeling it out. By now I think I've got them all down (I've been playing for hours since I recorded the video) and every little twist has been such a wonderful delight. Skip ahead to 6:35 to see my overreaction to learning how the soul cards work XD

I cannot wait to get the full version! Also as I'm posting this comment found out that MODS EXIST FOR THIS, ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? *Takes several deep breathes

I won't be playing other games for a while it would seem

I can't download DEMO version

You can download it from Steam! Also, full version in Steam too!

The Militia card's picture clearly shows a pawn with red attacking arrows in four orthogonal directions. Meanwhile, hovering the mouse over a pawn on the board shows (using the same red arrows!) that it actually attacks in four diagonal directions. This is rather misleading.


will it be added for mac too???? and if so how soon?

Royal Loafers feels mechanically inconsistent with Cornered Despot; your gun fires from the square you moved from but your bullet count seems to depend on the square you move to? Also, moving into a single piece's check while firing at it point-blank range for a guaranteed kill triggers folly shields unnecessarily.

If extra turns don't cause you to be checkmated between your original movement and free turn, then any action granting an extra turn shouldn't trigger folly shields. I assumed for a while that extra turns were only useful to stall piece movement because of this.

I do love how well executed this very stupid premise for a video game is, but it could really use some kind of readme rules guide or in-game glossary. Chess puzzles don't fit well with trial and error ...

where do i find mods. and how do i download them

Hi! We have a few mods up on our Discord server:
And here's a fan-made guide which has a section for installing them:

Wait, mods work only in full version?

That is correct yes. Modding was quite some work to make happen so we feel like it should be exclusive to the full version.

What do I do to start mod? Like, I maked it, but it wont startup! Im using steam version.

Hi! One of our Discord member made this really nice guide:

If you still can't figure it out, please come to our Discord, we have active members who should be able to help you out. :)

the github link seems to be broken, which is sad cause i used it to mod and now i forgot lol

Every people has this?

Hi, you're playing the jam version. We recommend rather trying the new Demo version.



Awesome game! Any plans for a MacOS or Nintendo Switch release?

I'm really enjoying this game so far, but I, for some reason, cannot get the Steam link to work even though I purchased the game on Is there a way to retrieve the Steam key itself

Hey, glad you're enjoying the game! You have to get to that purchase page to get your Steam key. You can ask that it be sent to you again here :

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I can get to that page, but it wants me to link my Steam account to get my key, which isn't working for some reason. I have the game downloaded from, but the Steam Key attainment feature is not working from there.

if i own this on steam, do i get the itch version too? I’ve been interested in playing modded but have no idea how or where.

Owning the game on Steam doesn't get you the Itch version but the good news is you can mod the Steam version just as well. The Sample mod here can be downloaded for free, and it works for both versions. You can get some help (and other, actual mods) on our Discord if you'd like:

ok thanks.

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I really don't understand the shooting-while-in-check rules: sometimes I'm allowed to shoot and it kills the thing that was checking me (good); other times it's not allowed, and instead I lose a shield (bad). I can't see any feedback wrt which one is going to happen, but it feels really bad when it doesn't let me shoot -- why not let me shoot either way *and* steal a shield? That way it's consistent. (Or am I missing something? I understand that it will let me shoot if I would kill the thing, but since whether I kill the thing or not involves random chance, how does the game (or the player) know which will result??)

Also, it seems like when I'm in checkmate (no souls, no safe moves, no possible kills) I still have to click three times to burn through shields and die.. why? If I'm in checkmate, ie there's no solution, it should just kill me -- the current behaviour feels weird/awkward and makes me think I'm missing something. Am I?

Anyway, really fun and interesting game! :)

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It freely allows you to shoot while in check if all the following conditions are met:

  • There is no more than one piece putting you in check.
  • The piece putting you in check is within one tile of you (Orthogonally or diagonally)
  • The shot would be fatal to the piece putting you in check.

ah okay, thanks! That makes a lot more sense. :

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In situations beyond that, you can still fire - you just have to burn through all your shields first. (You get them all back after your shot, natch, assuming you lived.) There's a reason shield quantity is freely adjustable - once one is good enough at the game (or is already a chess grandmaster and isn't about to blunder), shields only get in the way.

With all the abilities/powers in the game, it can be REALLY HARD to determine whether a situation is truly hopeless or if there's a slight chance somewhere; the game ending on you automatically when there WAS a hope would be FAAAAAAR worse than what it does now, which is not even try to figure it out. I don't blame the devs on that one at all. Also, now that Black Mist is a thing, what you choose to do when it is hopeless - your "parting shot", often literal, as it were - actually can matter.

EDIT: You always get back all your lost shields after every single turn you take. Taking a shield AS you take a shot, as you suggest, makes no sense, so maybe that's what you were missing?

If it's based on the assumption that the outcome is positive, you should probably guarantee that enough pellets hit to kill the piece.

I've already had a situation where it let me shoot and then I lost, and this sucked.

How do I get the steam key if I bought it here before it launched on steam?

Yes you do! Go into your Itch library, then go into "My Purchases" on the left, and click on Shotgun King. It should be there.

You also received a mail from Itch yesterday to tell you about it and it has a direct link to that same place, if that's more convenient. Let me know if you find it!

Does this work the other way 'round? i have been interested in the modding of the game but dont know how.

Also, I have no idea if its even viable if you were to do it because of game balance, but how come ascension doesn't let you move over pieces with a bishop soul card, but the red book lets you move on rows and columns with a bishop soul card

Black Mist in beta is currently unbalanced in my opinion, especially has potential to be broken in harder difficulties, giving the player the ability of a "get out of jail free" card is broken, but also I definitely shouldn't be able to draw TWO or more of these cards. probably add drawback

i NEED black mist to win the game. i am TERRIBLE at shotgun king.

Possible, but I'm unconvinced. Every copy of Black Mist one has is one less card they have to actually be more effective in battle and not get into hopeless situations as often; I'd think two copies of it would be worse than one for that reason, as surely it's diminishing returns. If anything, I'd suggest limiting Black Mist to one copy for the exact opposite reason - it's too WEAK to offer to the player once they already have one. If for no other reason than to SHUT UP all the whiners about "discovered mate", Black Mist is practically necessary; to the expert, it's a chance to escape when the game gets truly ridiculous (and sanity knows Black Mist often doesn't get one out of trouble, only delaying it a turn). To each their own, but I don't think it needs a drawback.

Hi, the demo is great and see that its coming to Steam.

Do you think you could make a version of your Patreon that gives out Steam codes for each of your games?

People with the itch version of the game will get a steam key after the release

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