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well done guys! You 've got a new linux loyal customer



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Hello friends, Why don't your port this magnificent game to PLAYDATE? I will buy it for sure!  I can say it will be one of the best games of the entire catalogue and the PlayDate's crank would have a very good use for managing the direction of attacks, for example... Kind regards and thanks in advance!

Hey, may I make a small suggestion? Can you please make the game over cinematic skippable?

Oooh! What's new in version 1.4? Will it come to GOG?


Yes it will! It has controller support, a tutorial, new graphics, and better modding support! It comes out of beta on January 20th!

Yay! 🥳


This is cool as hell for me. Cool game, keep going at it and have a good life.


Hello? I've been looking for an email to write to but didn't find one, so I'm writing here instead.

I'm currently working on an Italian translation for the game and I've made quite a bit of progress, but I can't seem to be able to make the word-replacing system work outside of just plurals. Don't know if that's because I'm doing something wrong or because that feature doesn't exist outside of changing stuff that ends with "s".  I wanted to use it to help with the fluidity of the text so that the lines don't get too wordy or grammatically incorrect. Would love to know if that is already possible or if something like that can be implemented in the future.

If not, I'll just do my best and work around the limitations whenever possible. I really want this game to be more accessible to the Italian community.

In any case, love the game. Keep up the great work! ^^

I’ve been playing this game for a few days now on a steam deck and I was just wondering if controller support will be added to the pc version. It works great with just the trackpad but I got a lot more buttons that I could be using. Anyways great game, definitely one of the best roguelikes


It will yes! It's in the works :)

Will we ever have an iOS version?


I just want to say thank you for all the hard work you have put into Shotgun King! It is an amazing game and in a world bloated with half ass gameplay triple A projects, it's incredibly refreshing to enjoy an intelligent and fun game that is challenging with such re-playability. You are a true champion of game developers!

this game is excellent, but I just purchased it on switch (i already own it on itch) and noticed two glaring issues, the first and foremost being that there is no way to check enemy health on switch, which is seriously inconvenient, the second is that the shotgun cone always automatically extends as far as possible, making it a little tricky to determine close up shots when you have a high arc. Once again, I love this game, but I was disappointed when I ran into these issues.

I think you should do the tutorial again because you definitely can check the enemies' health and it's explained there. 😄 You just need to press the - button. For the shotgun cone unfortunately this was the best solution we could come up with without making the controls unnecessarily complicated. Thanks for getting it on Switch! 💖

This game charmed me as if I was 7 years old and had just seen River Raid on the Atari


Great game pls publish for android too. It will be an instant hit.

then I won't leave the toilet for an hour or more

Fantastic game, loving the recent card update, but I can't find any info on what the 'Love' value on each card in the Codex means. 


It represents how often you choose a card when it is proposed by the game. : )

Ohhh ok, thanks for replying!



Very fun game! Would be great with a Mac or switch version, I would buy it again for switch no doubt.

Do you think you can update the Sample Mod to be consistent with your latest vanilla game's updates? We'd appreciate that...

Done! Sorry about the oversight!

Of course. There's a bit of an issue in mods after the major update, however (new cards, codex, ranking system, chase mode, etc.):

- For custom modes based off of throne, Boss Music won't play at the start of the floor as it does in vanilla
- Is it intentional we can't be able to edit title_bg.png for mods? It'd be a good addition in my own opinion...
- Not sure what more to add, sorry :(

I don't entirely know either, but I think it's best to also include the sample mod with sample mode scripts for Throne and Endless as well, just to be sure it's 100% consistent with vanilla, too.


Fantastic game! Came from Northernlions streams of the game and was absolutely flabbergasted from the creativity and originality of the lovely game we all love so much.  The game is constantly being patched and I will definitely support the game on steam. I see a great career  in the chess game here and I hope for the best. Keep on spreading the good word of the fantastic game of chess. 

Kind Regards,



Any hope for a mac version?

do mods work with steam version also can you make mods with the steam version?


I'm absolutely loving the game! It's perfect for my work breaks, and the genre combination makes it SOOO enjoyable! 

on the bad side, while trying to play it on my phone I found the crap bootleg copies, which made me incredibly sad, since this game def deserves dev support. Stopped playing the copy immediately after I realized it was the same concept. All the love to PUNKCAKE! 

Hey, so I bought and downloaded the game without an account, does anyone know how to update the game?

The karma downgrade is really overpowered. I hate it.

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The game's translation got broke after new updates. It's a mess with translated and untranslated letters. I disabled it since that does not bother me, but it is a issue for who do not. I used to play on Korean language, and it seems Chinese language has the same problem.

Won't lie man that shit gets hard. Very unique game. I loved the demo. Looking forward to picking up the full version soon.

Does purchasing the game here on itch give a DRM-free copy AND a code for Steam, or is it just the code for Steam?

It gives you both a DRM-free copy and a  Steam code!


Thank you!


Great game!!

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Haha. You liked my LD48 Shotgun Viking title screen and upgrade system? x) So much similarity. The gameplay is wildly different though! Thanks for playing my game!

We introduced your game. We hope you like our content.

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Very fun game. The theming and overall aesthetic are fantastic. The gameplay is of course very interesting and has some nice hidden tricks for you to discover. Surprisingly, there's not much of a tutorial but if you know Chess you can figure things out.

I beat the Normal mode pretty quick when I got a good lineup of cards. Going to have to try harder modes I guess.

Just FYI I got crows for +range, the sniper scope, 2 gunpowders for firepower, there were extra pawns that had extra health (but killing pawns gave me ammo) and 2 extra rooks (but killing rooks gave me ammo!) AND I had 3 shots.  Oh and the extra life lol. With the range, firepower and extra ammo I was standing in place shooting everything and sniping the queen. Normal mode did not feel like a roguelike on normal mode, at least not with the right cards.

fantastic game, very fun

So fun!! Really impressed, seriously


we need a fricking demo


there is a demo tho lmao


what engine did you guys use?


they used the sugar engine


told my grandam about this and then she called it racist💀


please release a macos version!

Yeah I really want to play but I can't.

Google En Passant

the game may be cool, but I have problems with the demo version of the game, I have a white screen and the name is sugar

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Holy shit chess 2 happened

And I love it


the idea is …

like u added a shotgun to chess

like … HOW

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