Scavenger of Dunomini 🤖 Out Now!

Scavenger of Dunomini is a mix between a crazy match-3 and a crazy tower-defense, where you have to defend your trash-pile from other droids while recycling it into useful tech!

Your scavenger has been bound to a trash pit! How lucky!! They will have trash to order and recycle for years and years! But other droids will want in... They will be mean about it too, it's ruthless out there on Dunomini. No, there's no way we'll let them have our trash, Our Trash, Ours!!!

🧩 Unique Match-3 experience with unique rules per tile
🤖 Defend your trash from other Scavengers
💡 Recycle your trash into automated defenses
⏱ 10~30 minutes play sessions
🎮 Singleplayer | 2p couch co-op | 2p couch versus
🎶 Original chiptune soundtrack by Pentadrangle

It's our 6th game as PUNKCAKE Délicieux! We're making a new one every month, find out more at!

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Dec 21, 2021

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