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Hi, just had a game end in a score tie, but I won anyway. I can't find how score tiebreaks are determined. Does anyone know?

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Bug in the current Steam release: I just watched the Persians AI play Cathedral when it was the only card in their hand. A message even appeared at the bottom saying they have no card to ditch in response, but the card got played anyhow. And they were significantly in the lead already. Cheating bastards.

(For the curious - they ended up beating me by a single point, so they definitely won as a direct result of the cheating.)

how does factory work?

You could release this as a paper card game with just a few minor tweaks, and I would buy it to play with my friends! If I had any.

where is demo??????????

plsss come to steam

They're working on it


now it is on steam :)


thank you for the separate sale!! I don’t play shooters much so getting mushroom + rush together is great :D

for the record, this runs just great on linux by adding the game to steam and settings options to use latest proton.

any chance this will be released on Steam or other platforms? it would be hella useful to have a cloud to save your progress and some achievements for a little competitiveness among the players

What if I need to quit in the middle of a game. How do I do that?


Rush for the Ages has nailed the "a fast game's a good game" ideology. As with any PUNKCAKE game, it's easy to learn, difficult to master, and even harder to put down. It's all about card synergy but you're playing with a shared pool of cards, slow-revealing objectives, and multiple layers of interaction. Addictive!

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What controls the population cap a player has? EDIT: Oh, I see it now, it's on tooltips: buildings add 2, territories add 5. Leaving this here for anyone else with the same question.


Fun game! Y'all did a great job!

Any plans for a local hotseat style play? Not entirely sure how one would hide your hands, but it'd be fun to play against some humans.

Hi there, I really like this game!
Is there a chance for a Steam release?

Thank you! There is a chance, but it won't happen before at the very least a few months. 🙂


Hey, I am doing this every single day; reviewing 100+ games every single day and bringing the best of the best of indie games... Congrats, your game is looking great


Is this coming to Steam? I’d like to try it with Proton.


Lookup wine-tkg or wine-ge-custom on github, there are scripts (and for some distros, prebuilt packages) that apply the proton patches to wine, that you can install systemwide to run anything.

I think you can also make Steam run non-steam games added to the library with Proton, but I haven’t tried that.


I play this game with Proton, it works well :) You can add non-Steam game into Steam. Come to our Discord if you need some help!

This (and a lot of other Punkcake titles) are getting Steam releases now, should be over the next couple of months.