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Just how unlikely is it that the 8bitdo arcade stick would work in the game?

Visuals from the images and gif look a little overwhelming.


 Y     E      S


I remember playing it on pico-8 a while ago. Love the remastered version

Fantastic game! What game engine does it use?


Another brilliant PUNKCAKE game. Interesting combination of time- and turn-based enemies with different movement patterns, good range of fruits (and levels), and the meta-system for unlocking keeps it interesting so you can go back to try levels again later when you're a bit better at the game. Loving it!


Perfect game! Please, compile it for macos, please))

Yeah at least they have a macOS demo, not sure if you need to buy Pico-8 to run it though.

The demo and the game are totally different things. I've checked ;)
Demo is made using Pico8, but the game built on custom engine.


super fun new punkcake game! 

Nice demo!


Love the Demo, will 100% buy this when it gets a mac port!


looks super fun! bought this thinking it would be on mac...but realize there's only a demo out now for mac. is full version on macos coming at some point?

Cool game!

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bug report: the game crashed on the Grape level -- as far as I could tell, it happened when one of the darts exited the right side of the screen (the "cork" blocks had all been destroyed).

It's happened on all 3 difficulty levels, 3 times, so I'm very confident it's due to the dart leaving the right side of the screen.

All crash logs show the same thing:

ERR ..\games\pigments\code.lua:2272: attempt to index global 'psq' (a nil value)

Stack traceback: 

..\libs\remy_systems.lua:30: in function <..\libs\remy_systems.lua:21>

..\games\pigments\code.lua:2703: in function 'foo'

..\games\pigments\code.lua:2687: in function 'lp'

[string "                       ..."]:93: in function 'foreach'

..\games\pigments\code.lua:2476: in function 'foo'

..\games\pigments\code.lua:2102: in function 'upd'

..\games\pigments\code.lua:2272: in function 'pcol'


Thanks for the report! We updated the game with a fix!

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Fantastic! Just in case anyone else is confused like I was about what the stats mean:
Scale = collision size
Sugar = amount of pigment per pickup
Juice = number of pickups on the field
Fibre = pigment carrying capacity
Shell = hit points

Also, Blueberry's "Jelly" ability seems to allow it to travel faster (ie time stays slower) when moving on painted tiles; I'm not sure what the meaning of "Jelly" is, it looks visually like it's sunken into the floor so initially I thought it was safe/hiding like Watermelon.. that's not the case. :)