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I'm so blown away by this game!! It's wonderfully simple yet so very addicting and fun! It has elements I adore from other games like Binding of Isaac, yet its own style of 'combat' and the items are so charming! I can't say how much I loved this enough! :D (My only suggestion if you plan on making this a bigger game is more bosses!! I know the technical plot is the mouth, nose, eyes to make up the bigger boss... but if there were more bosses and different 'mega' bosses that would be SO cool!)


how do i claim my steam key?

If you go to the game's download page, you should have a button there to claim your Steam key!


Oh hey I saw the VTuber Kaela from Hololive play this. Definitely on my wishlist now!


Moonpong is very nice game, i will give a warning to those who have epilepsy though, that's all


This game is very customizeable, you can make things more muted and make the animations of the backgrounds slower or even take them out completely, as long as you go into settings before you start and tune things to your preferred style, nobody should have a problem playing this.


MOONPONG is a superb modern (and solo) iteration of classic pong gameplay. Bendy circles, gravity, ice and cloud balls, a range of upgrades, enemies that shoot back, and even bosses. Very challenging and very fun. As always with PUNKCAKE games, the pixel graphics and retro soundtrack are perfect!

Hello!! What programming language do use to make this game :? 


I really hope that there's support for rotary controllers, like spinners or dials or DJ decks, because that feels extremely appropriate for a paddle game like this. *^*

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I LOVE the OST, please release it soon <3 thanks

EDIT: Got it on Bandcamp, thank you so much

Hi, quick question, if I get the game by subcribing on patreon, will I receive an steam key as well? Or steam keys are restricted to purchases on

a Steam release is planned?


Moonpong: Tales of Epic Lunacy is a wonderful homage to pong that asks the question... What if pong? But roguelite?

The answer is a wonderfully vibrant game that is popping candy for the mind