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Pleaaasssee make deeemmoooss!!!!!!!!! 😭😩 pleeeaaaseeee pleaaasseee


any plans to release on steam?

hoping too , Shongun King was blast on deck and this one looks too

This looks wonderful.

anyone can tell me what engine they used to make it?


In a custom closed source engine called SUGAR


Ecstatic is a brilliant tactical top-down shooter that quickly turns into a bullet hell. Unique controls - controlling both movement and targeting with the mouse - is an interesting challenge. The random nature of the upgrade drops force you to adopt different play styles every run, making it infinitely replayable.  Great music, awesome pixel art. Bloody tough!

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ah yes, very clever, steamunlocked, no one know it


i want to play this game but i am broke plez make free version.


it's literally just 6 dollars


it depends on what country are they living, for instance i live in a country where 1 dollar is 17-18 TLs, which you can buy 4-5 bread loaves, hehe, economy...

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  the economy sucks badly sometimes


it's all about where you're born and who is the president


it has almost nothing to do with the president


Exciting arcade!


cool game


This game is fantastic. Perfect for quick intense sessions. 

If replaying the same track at the same difficulty will baddies spawn in the exact same patterns?


The same enemies will appear at the same moments in the song but as far as I know, they'll be positioned differently as spawn locations are pretty much random. 


This game looks really cool can't wait to play it