Damocles Gaze 1.1 Patch is up!

The first (and hopefully only) patch for Damocles Gaze is up!

It mostly fixes some annoying freeze issues that a few people were having. It also adds some various changes people have asked for, including game controller shoulders as alertnative to the triggers, two actual night-mode palettes, slower animation on enemy cards before statrting the level, better accuracy with the bomb launcher...

Here's the full change list:

  • Attempt to fix the freezes which happened for a few people
  • Reworked the level generation so that it never takes more than a few seconds
  • Made the Damocles sword a little more eye-catching at the end of the timer
  • Added explosions on the boss at the end of the timer
  • Increased accuracy of the bomb launcher
  • Faster ammo reload with the High Priestress
  • Slowed down the enemy cards sequence a little
  • Added 2 "night" palettes with much lower contrast
  • Added the PUNKCAKE palette
  • On gamepads, the shoulder buttons can now be used as alternative to the triggers

Thank you all for playing! May your runs be favorable! 👁



damocles_gaze_windows.zip 132 MB
Oct 02, 2021

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