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wow this looks rad


Have you ever considered developing for the Playdate console? These graphics would look beautiful on one.

what engine or language  you're using?



This is just a bad Nuclear Throne. The weapons are copy pasted. Why this game

Continuing to enjoy the game, thanks PunkCake! I was playing v1.2 this morning, and encountered a weird bug. I paused the game with around 100 seconds remaining. I had either just died and not respawned yet, or had just respawned. The timer continued to count down. When I unpaused the game, the timer was down to 60 seconds, and the boss spawned. I will update this comment if I am able to recreate it! I am on windows 10.


Sooo minit + nuclear throne 


PUNKCAKE have quickly made a name for themselves for reinventing the shooter genre and they've done it again. This one's a roguelite where you get stronger by unlocking new cards. The tricky part: The cards only unlock through gameplay, but they also affect your current game. And while every card may give you some powerful bonus, they also come with an equally powerful penalty. To succeed, you need to find synergy between the cards so that the penalties actually make you more powerful. And of course there's always more than meets the eye with any PUNKCAKE game. Dig deep! PS: How cool is the 1-bit pixel art!

First run after downloading v1.1, running windowed mode on win10. Stopped responding immediately after loading 1/3. I extracted 1.1 into the 1.0 folder and replaced the duplicate files, not sure if that has any impact :(

Thanks for letting us know, we're working on a fix. If you restart the game does the freeze happen again?

Extracting the patched files into the old folder shouldn't be an issue at all.

Nope, no problems on the seconds attempt :)


I want to phrase this like a steam review but to balance it up I will first say PUNKCAKE you're so cool! Okay, now..

As a long time fan of Nuclear Throne and recently Voidigo, this is my third game in the genre that get's it right. I love the unique aesthetic and meta mechanics of the game. Music is really good as well. I'm hooked, would recomend!

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I love Roguelites/Roguelikes and also Punkcake, but...
wish I could buy it :(

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Guessing you cant pay in $?