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Great concept. Mobile game would be better than windows. Had me getting hooked to it until the level got too hard. Suggest more to the leveling system so that if you suck you can still just build your power till you kill it. Player shield is also OP, since not every hit connects  and breaks part of it. Suggest raid dives go through player shield and cause the player to destroy their own shield if they fire at it.
Good work.
PS, I discovered this on the Youtube channel.

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Part of the screen seems to be cut off when I play this and I can't see the ship at the bottom of the screen, how can I switch to fullscreen? Pressing alt + enter didn't work.


Well, I found a quick fix. Shift+Right Click on the Task Bar Icon > "minimize" > "maximize". Does the trick. Kinda weird view, but playable.

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Hey, yes sorry about this, we should've set the defeult window size to something smaller. ^^' You can use ctrl-F to go fullscreen!