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If players other than 1st player use controllers in versus mode, the controls get really glitchy. Any idea what's causing this?

Hi! How do you mean glitchy? Without more information all I can tell you is you may try launching the game after connecting all your controllers, rather than connecting your controllers while the game is already running.

I'm sorry, you're right.

So we used a Mayflash Gamecube adapter, and the other players were not able to use their cursor most of the time, but when they could, they cursor would work fine on the bottom of the screen, but on the top, it would only let them pick Rose. Even then, the confirm button didn't work either. We thought it was because it didnt support the Mayflash adapter, so we ran it through steam by choosing "add a non steam game" so we could use a Switch controller, but we ran into the same exact issue. Every time the controllers were plugged in before we turned the game on.

The controller did work in the player one slot, so we tried using keyboard for player two, and it ended up working fine, but that still meant someone had to drive with a keyboard.

Does local multiplayer mean networked?

No sorry, local multiplayer means on the same machine with multiple controllers (though one player can use the keyboard), however your Itch purchase comes with a Steam key, and if you redeem it Steam has a Remote Play Together feature which would let you play online with your friends. I hope this helps.

Thank you

Hope to see it on Steam too!


Merci, je n'ai pas encore testé, mais je rêvais de ce genre de jeu depuis des années.


Furious Farm's another excellent short title by PUNKCAKE. As always, fast, chaotic gameplay and terrific pixel art and music. Upgrades aren't random so I found the different playable characters somewhat same-ish after a level or two. This one's a little easier and less replayable than most of their other titles but still a great casual game.

farm be like




Those other harvesters won't stand a chance!

Hi Punkcake Deliceux! I have an error!

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I'm found bug! When I'm started at last place and get 40k points, getting first place, I'm eliminated from round!

And I can't get first place in first round from time to time

Found fix - create at assets lvl2.png, by copying lvl1.png, and lvl2dat.png by copying

Yup, thought its been a month, welcome back remy


I am happy that I can play Furious Farm using Wine on my MX-15 Debian Jessie 32 bit system but I would not spend money on it. The graphics are very poor. Is the game too easy? I won every level and ended up with 194491 points.

I did not even use power-up!

In terms of your other games: I'm sorry, but I don't think it's a good idea to give you 6 dollars or more for a game without playing a demo version first.


super fun game


its very fun


A fun silly game with great visuals, I do wish it was a little more challenging as its very easy to gain and keep the lead, I also agree the ability  to skip the score countdown is needed as that goes on for way to long. I look forward to seeing the full release 


Cool game. As I understand the 7th and 8th places end the game after the first round and only 6 players continue. I ended first round on the 6th place, but I was not eliminated. Unfortunately, I did not make screenshot(


Love it, lots of fun - awesome job! Weird observation, for me the scrolling wheat background on the score screen has a stereoscopic visual effect and makes it feel 3D and separate from the player scores!


Good! I liked playing this game! I do like details of the mini map. I found it useful to locate all the other NPCs and power ups. Great graphics, the only suggestion I would make is when you already have a power up and grab another one, it would use the one you have saved.You could also add a different tractor mode. Well done for 72 hours! You can check out my stream if you like

scoreboard scrolling background has a one pixel glitch near the top of the screen


getting Snes micro machine nostalgia, great game and great job guys


Super fun and really nicely done !


it was really fun to play… thanks.


It is great fun!

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Nice game, kinda fire


I don't know how to skip score countdown, maybe we need it?


Fun little game, I wish it had multiplayer, this would make a great little party game!


Another amazing game from PUNKCAKE Délicieux!


Farming simulator X Mario kart, awesome entry for the theme.