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very good


why does LLoyd have no pants?


Emmmm..... I wonder how to start? I just got stuck at the main screen. Both keypress and mouseclick are tried but nothing works.

btw the big flopping penis gave me a big shock ha ha. Can't wait to enjoy the main game ∠(ᐛ」∠)_

Oh solved. I'm an idiot(;′⌒`)

lol I got stuck and I'm still at the idiot stage.

lol seems I'm not alone. Just make sure you are at English input method and press X to start.



Switch to an English input method and press X, I was stuck because of the Chinese input.

oh press x, thanks!


Remember to close your non-English IME everyone (´-ι_-`)

thank you for this masterpiece


So... I basically play myself? Cool!

So, uh... I MAY had accidentally destroyed the jump block...

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Heheh, same here.. ;u; Seems to happen when you grab a block (not just abilities, but parts of Lloyd's brain too), then try to place it down without moving the cursor first. It doesn't happen all the time, but still most of the time, aaaaaaaaaaaa


Sorry about this! We just fixed it. :)

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Interesting prototype. Is it currently possible to progress past the crow?

edit: I hadn't gotten the build action to work before, now I see.


I've been struggling with that too. Opening your mouth will scare the crow, but not for long.